Images: Pink Light Images & Weirdo Weddings

Super gearing up for our Fall/winter weddings over here (with hopes of a booster for me and vaccines for my kiddos by then!!!). Things are busy as usual but the kids are VERY excited for Halloween. We’re dressing up as Trolls this year (Evie’s request) and I am excited. Also have not one, but TWO, in-person thingies this week and my introverted, extrovert self is going to be exhausted. Today already flew by… I have a feeling the rest of the week is going to as well.

We wanted to highlight real couples in the BIPOC/LGBTQ community and share their story, style, and love. Kimberly has a fondness for dark, avant garde concepts, so we used that as our main inspiration for this shoot. We decided to stay very simple in our styling of this couple, using black, white, and a hint of blue in their outfits and decor. Kimberly wore a fantastic crown, which is totally fit her personality.

We let the decor of the venue speak for itself, but we did adorn the sweetheart table with the handfasting cords used during the ceremony, as well as the bouquet. We chose artificial flowers for the bouquet. This is a great way for couples to save money on florals, but they can also use it in their homes long after the wedding as decor, and a reminder of their special day.


Photographer: Pink Light Images & Weirdo Weddings | Planner: Bridal Global Expo | Venue: Belvoir Winery | Kimberly’s Dress: Torrid | Jewelry: Helzberg Diamonds | Kanyah’s Attire: Everlane | Bowtie: Jofunu Accessories |

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