Images: Kaitlyn Hill Photography

I am happy to say we had a much better experience with Charlie’s first day of playgroup than Bree had with Conrad’s preschool drop-off. As soon as we arrived, Charlie made a b-line for the book nook, and never looked back. So I snuck away, and had 3.5 glorious hours to myself! And when I went to pick him up, he didn’t even notice me, and then wanted to stay. So its safe to say, he enjoyed himself, which makes me so happy! I can already tell this is going to do wonders for me and my mental health, and helping me avoid burnout. The stay at home mom life is no joke!

Today’s styled elopement is bringing all the Fall boho vibes, and I am here. for. it.

For this editorial, we focused on creating a magical boho elopement surrounded by the nature that central Alberta has to offer. The deep evergreens provided a beautiful backdrop and allowed the rust tones from the picnic to pop! Our models have been married for 11 years and were so ecstatic for the opportunity to get updated portraits taken. Even after 11 years of marriage it was so inspiring to see how in love these two still are! We even shed a few tears while they read love letters to each other. Watching them share so much love was so beautiful.

We hope this editorial will inspire couples to add a creative element, like a picnic, to their elopement day. It’s so worth making your elopement a full day affair!


Photographer: Kaitlyn Hill Photography | Venue: The Olive Grove | Design & Decor: Alpaca Picnics | Florist: Two Buds Floral Artistry | Bakery: Wild Rose Cakes | Calligraphy: Straight Drive North | Bridal Boutique: Novelle Bridal Shop | Make-up Artist: Sheena Rae Beauty |

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