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The Fourth of July is really my least favorite holiday. There. I said it. It’s usually hades-levels of hot and humid in DC, and fireworks go off until well past midnight (I am SO old and grumpy / anti-fireworks…) and to be completely honest, the overtly patriotric emphasis, in a country that is so continually dissappointing … yeahh … IDK, I don’t really feel like celebrating.

But we did at least enjoy a really nice day (mostly morning) at the beach, and the day off on Monday was sorely needed. For now though, I’ve got my sites set on some more PTO up in Vermont and thinking about how cool it would be to travel around in a vintage camper. Happy Wednesday Romancers.

When Kassie and Claire of K. Layne Styled found out that they would be leaving Virginia, they knew they had to go out with a bang. The two close friends, both military spouses, were determined to organize an incredible styled shoot that combined everything they loved about weddings and photography into one unforgettable event. As Kassie prepared for her move to San Diego, the ‘California Dreaming’ theme became the central idea around which they would build ten unique photography stations.

The inspiration for this engagement session is the beautiful desert landscape that you might see in Joshua Tree National Park, with warm and earthy tones grounding the decor. The addition of the vintage camper car also makes the proposal scene feel as though it is happening in the middle of nowhere, creating an intimate atmosphere. The camper was surrounded by pink, red, and yellow flowers, pampas grass, and colorful glass jars.

Our models, Ash and Justin, are a real, recently engaged couple. The rain started to come down during our time together, so after dancing in the rain for a few moments, the pair retreated into the camper. From the excitement of the proposal moment to the intimacy and quiet of the camper, Justin and Ash were happy to be nestled in each other’s arms. I believe that it is crucial to show stories of Black joy and love in media, including love of self. Capturing this couple and their genuine adoration for each other reminded me that love always prevails.


Photographer: Gabrielle Rose Photography | Planners: K. Layne Styled & Tilly and Teal | Venue: Shadow Creek | Florist: Sarena Floral Designs | Rentals: Peachy Keen Event Rentals | Camper Photobooth: Famous Vintage Camper Company | Dress: Apricot Lane | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Hannah Lessard |

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