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Halfway through the week, and there’s so much to do! We’re headed to my in-laws’ this weekend, which will be a nice escape to the beach. I’m hoping Charlie has a better experience this year – he was a bit unsure of the sand last year. Once we get back, my parents visit again for Charlie’s birthday, which is a whole other set of emotions I’m just not ready to deal with. As Bree mentioned, we got together with the CapRo team over the weekend, and it felt so good to be doing something normal again. I also met up with a couple friends for drinks on Sunday, and its just what my soul has been needing.

Kait and Nick originally planned a traditional, in-person wedding scheduled for the fall of 2020. The vision included floor to ceiling florals, premium catering, a live band, and four piece jazz quartet. It was shaping up to be quite the event! Then in early 2020, the pandemic forced the couple to either radically change their plans or risk pushing their wedding out even farther than it already was.

They kept their original wedding date, in person, downsized to only 30 people, hoping pandemic conditions would improve. In August 2020, with no end to COVID in sight, the couple decided to cancel their gathering altogether and pursue a Covid-friendly elopement, using their wedding budget for a down payment on purchasing their first home together in Capitol Hill.

The couple planned their Wedding 3.0 mini-mony in under two months. The ceremony took place as a party of two, outdoors at Dumbarton House in Georgetown. This was a heavily DIY-influenced wedding, with the bride crafting her brooch bouquet, and assembling the floral arch herself. Their officiant made a special virtual guest appearance from Florida to guide the couple through the entire ceremony using carefully placed wireless earpods. The multi-tower cookie wedding cake was absolutely delicious, and paired beautifully with the bottle of vintage Dom Perignon the couple popped to celebrate their nuptials.

After the wedding was over, Nick and Kait shared the video of their wedding experience virtually with friends and family through multiple Zoom calls, making the best of an otherwise unprecedented circumstance. Nick and Kait look forward to having a belated celebration with friends and family when it is safe to do so again!


Photographer: Chris Ferenzi Photography | Venue: Dumbarton House | Cookie Cake: Chris Johnson |

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