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Halfway through the week, and the month is just flying by! Our house is all decked out in winter & Christmas decor, and of course there is still more Christmas shopping and wrapping to do. Charlie tried his first taste of hot chocolate over the weekend, and no surprise, it was a big hit! We’re trying to keep cookie consumption to a minimum around here, but that’s proving to be difficult. Anyone else?

One of the unique things about getting married in DC is that you can self-officiate, which I imagine has become a popular choice during the pandemic for couples that still want to get married this year. As was the case for Monica & Jamie, who eloped, just the two of them, at the Lincoln Memorial. Check out these beauties!

I feel like the luckiest person in the world that I found the love of my life! From the moment I met Jamie, I knew he was the one. I’ve always known that I wanted a very small ceremony with just a handful of people. My now-husband is in the United States Navy, and is stationed here in Maryland for the time being. He is originally from Florida, and the original plan was for us to have a ceremony on the beach in Florida with a small group of friends and family.

We were thrown a big curveball when Covid hit. With everything getting shut down, we could not travel. Jamie also had the restriction of only being able to travel 250 miles from base, so our options were limited. We then decided on a new date of 11/11 because it’s good luck. I then did a lot of research on a unique place with a beautiful background for photos, and fell in love with the architecture of the Lincoln Memorial, and the background of the monuments and National Mall was beautiful. DC is unique where you can self officiate your own wedding, so we decided to make it intimate, and marry ourselves to have a unique and romantic experience. It was perfect even the rain – another good luck omen.

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