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How’s everyone feeling today? I’d be lying if I said yesterday was easy. I was a bit on edge all day, but we found ways to distract ourselves. We got Charlie a mini hockey set, which arrived yesterday, so we opened it up and played a little indoor hockey – or just watched him bash the stick around and throw the ball. Either way, it was a fun distraction from all the election coverage. I know I’ll need to keep the positivity and distractions coming while we wait for the results, so we’re starting off with this gorgeous, mountain top elopement. Those views give me all the heart eye emojis!

Lauren has always followed numerology, trusting that the universe puts her right where she is meant to be, and showing her all is well when she sees her favorite number, 3. Craig and Lauren’s first date was on April 3 rd , a good sign! And after six and a half years together, when Craig proposed on February 3rd , 2020, she was at peace knowing everything was right.

Deep into wedding planning, the unthinkable happened: COVID-19 spread across the globe, casting shadows of doubt and uncertainty on any future plans, let alone a wedding. In the midst of the chaos, Craig was offered a job in DC. So they packed up their things, and moved away from the family and friends they grew up with. The two settled in northern Virginia, and their first full day of their new life started on June 3rd .

Moving away from the community they grew up in was a huge leap. They had never been so far from their close network. All they had here was each other. And after going through so much, the idea of coming all this way and not be officially married just didn’t sit right with. They wanted to make it official. Lauren and Craig recognized that there is no guarantee that their wedding will go as planned next year, so instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, they decided to flip the switch entirely and plan an elopement exactly the way they wanted to. It would be just the two of them – on October 3rd . They continue to hold the date next year, in hope that they will be able to celebrate with their loved ones.

Having never experienced mountain views, Craig and Lauren took the opportunity experience the magic of marriage, elevated to the highest heights in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. Eloping in the mountains was freeing. They could do what they wanted – the rules no longer applied. Lauren’s two favorite flowers are sunflowers and roses and she always knew that she wanted to incorporate them into her big day. She chose comfort over tradition, and found a dress worthy of both her wedding and a hike through the woods; a beautiful long sleeve, lace, tea length dress that would speak to the casual and deeply intimate nature of their ceremony.

On top of a mountain, with sweeping views, the two recounted the early days of their relationship, and nodded to the loving community that has supported them through the years. They vowed to care for each other, respect each other, support each other, and be there for one another in every moment for the rest of their lives. The mountain winds dried happy tears from everyone present.


Photographer: MadBou Photo | Venue: Blue Ridge Mountains | Officiant: Leo Delgado | Dress: Amazon |

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