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To say things are overwhelming right now, is an understatement. There is A LOT going on, and if you are like me, you are struggling to keep your anxiety under control and not get sucked into hours of Twitter trolling, and take action instead. I’ve been trying to pour energy into the election, protesting police brutality, making impacts on true Inclusion & Diversity at my day-job, and back into this blog, as I think these are areas that are not only important, but places that I can actually DO something (vs trolling Twitter and yelling into the Instagram void …. which I do, but not sure what outcomes it affects).

Something that has really struck me about trying to keep CapRo going during the pandemic, is the perseverance of couples. The fact that they aren’t just throwing weddings away entirely, but instead pivoting and STILL celebrating. That’s why I loved today’s shoot so much – you could be SO MAD about what COVID did to your dream wedding / initial wedding plans (and I hear you and feel you are 100% justified in that anger) but you could also try and make some FUN out of it. Bring some light and brevity to the situation too … like doing a Corona-beer themed shoot to ‘celebrate’ the Change the Date this couple now has to send. Also the lightning is super dreamy.

Happy Friday Romancers. I hope you get some time to relax and recharge and take some self-care this long weekend. Let me know if you’re looking for other ways to get involved with racial justice, protesting, or the upcoming election.

Like many other couples this year, Alicia and Jeremy’s wedding was postponed due to COVID-19. Once they set a new date, they decided to have a lighthearted, “change the date” shoot, with a Corona theme, to share the news with their guests.

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