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This was a hard week. I guess that is the way things are going to continue to oscillate in this pandemic (life?), but this one was one I am MORE than happy to be over with. We decided on Wednesday to make the incredibly painful and sad decision to officially dis-enroll our son from his daycare. We’ve been holding out hope that he could return this month, and some semblance of our pre-pandemic lives would return, but after taking some time to truly consider what a daycare will look like in the coming months (already dealing with a 10+ day closer) and my husband and I just can’t have no childcare every few weeks, and still both attempt to work our full time jobs AND maintain our sanity. Coupling that with more and more studies showing that kids are far from immune and can actually be key contributors in the spread, and yeah – it was the decision I knew was the right one, but couldn’t bring myself to make.

I am sad. We’ve been with this daycare community for YEARS (when Evie was 2.5!) and we’ve grown to love the providers, the owner, the community it has created in our neighborhood. I hope so hard that maybe someday we can return again.

So now that leaves us back at the drawing board of interviewing candidates to find someone that can somehow watch 4 children (including 2 toddlers), that includes facilitating virtual Kindergarten. It’s stressful to say the least, and I look forward to the day that we have someone selected and our latest new normal/schedule begins.

In other personal news, it was a joy to have my mom here this week, but we unfortunately shared in the loss of our dear friend of our family, my childhood priest (who was more like an Uncle to me). It’s been comforting and heartfelt to share pictures and memories of this larger than life man, but also sad to know his funeral services won’t be what he wanted with the pandemic.

Sigh. So we continue to find ways to move on and forward. I’m going to try and take off early today and spend as much time as possible OFF the internet/my/phone/social media today. Hoping that provides a bit of a reset & reprieve.

And now to our Friday scheduled programming: the most badass Steampunk style wedding shoot EVER. Let’s do it.

From the event designer: My vision was to show the true Steampunk style, featuring the machinery and mechanical style along with the Victorian style of our modern times.

Steampunk today can actually be defined in several ways. When it comes to media and entertainment, it is looked at as a sub-genre of science fiction that uses technology and aesthetic designs inspired by the 19th century. Steampunk works often take place in alternative history worlds where steam-powered technology is extremely prominent. This is usually one of the most defining aspects of many Steampunk works.

Typically, the technology and aesthetic shown are nearly as advanced as the technology we have in our modern world but with a distinctly retro look and feel. Steampunk also refers to an artistic style and clothing fashion that’s been developed thanks to the numerous Steampunk works out there. This style and fashion have a distinctly Victorian feel inspired by late 19th and early 20th century design. But it also has a touch of retro futurism thanks to the prominent display of steam-powered designs and technology.


Photographer: Diamond Edge Photography | Planner & Designer: Wild Daisy Events | Venue: NC Transportation Museum | Florist: Vintage Soul Floral Design | Cake: Cake Expressions | Rentals: Cooke Rentals of Cornelius & Evermore | Dress Boutique: The Lily Rose |

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