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Another week in quarantine, rolling along. I am trying my best to take this day by day. I am also trying to find the good as much as possible. If you haven’t watched Some Good News by John Kraskinski, I recommend it (but have some tissues nearby). I am LOVING this beautiful Spring weather we are having in DC, and we’ve gotten SO much yard work done. We might actually have a really nice backyard by the time this virus is winding down.

For today we have a hot pink meets golf course wedding and I just LOVE how this couple bucked the typically muted color palette of golf club weddings. The hot pink gives me LIFE and is just so much fun. Here we go!

What was the most important thing to you when planning your wedding? The most important thing to me was ensuring the band was awesome and we had enough alcohol to keep the party going!!! I also put a ton of emphasis on execution of my vision – flowers, table settings, color schemes, decor. It exceeded my expectations!

Did you do a first look? We did! I absolutely recommend it. Initially, our reasoning for a First Look was so we could join cocktail hour and greet guests prior to the reception. The timeline did not go as planned, so we missed our entire cocktail hour, but I still think the First Look is worth it. It gives you that 1-on-1 time prior to the nerves of the ceremony. For us, it was really special when he just looked at me from head to toe and told me how beautiful I was as his soon to be wife and bride. Very special!!!! I do love the idea of the groom seeing his bride for the first time walking down the aisle, but I truly think you get the best reaction from them is prior to the crowd. They have the solo time to appreciate how beautiful you are, and embrace the photography because its all about YOU and HIM!!!!

What was your favorite moment on your wedding day? I LOVED the walk out dances, speeches and our last dance to “American girl” when all of our family and friends were there singing the lyrics and dancing with us!

Did everything go as planned? If not, how did you make the best of it and why did you choose to do it that way? It really did- we had a minor health hiccup with a groomsman, but aside from that, my vision panned out perfectly! The color scheme (suits, bridesmaid dresses), decor, flowers were all ON POINT! It was as regal, classy & SPICY as I envisioned!!!!!

What was your favorite wedding detail? WOW! It was all spectacular, but my FLOWERS blew my mind and the mind of our guests. They were beyond beautiful. I must note, most people in the planning process tell you not to spend a ton on flowers because “nobody notices them,” BUT EVERYBODY noticed our flowers!!!!!


Photographer: Daisy Saulls Photography | Planner & Florist: Diamond Events | Venue: The Middleburg Barn | Caterer: Savoir Fare | Dessert: Scoops2u | Band: The Dickens Band | Photo Booth: Curly Hat | Makeup Artist: Dawn Newsome Makeup Artistry |


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