Images: Victoria Selman Photographer

Well it’s Friday and it’s certainly not my normal “we made it!” intro. It’s been the longest week of possibly our lives, as we attempted to adjust to being 2 full-time working parents, with 2 full-time kids at home. Throw in an ER trip with Conrad last Sunday morning (4 hours and 3 stitches later he is ok … well until his finger got infected & we’ll figure out what the heck is going on there this afternoon) and the ominous feeling that this is going to get worse (before it gets better) and well … I’m exhausted, what else can I say? I am trying REALLY HARD to focus on GOOD things that are also happening during this challenging time and it’s SUPER helpful asking other people to share their good things too. A few for me: so far we are still healthy (minus Conrad’s finger), we’ve gotten SO much outdoor time / fresh air, Conrad has started a few 2-word phrases, we’ve been doing daily Zoom calls with my family, and we’ve gotten a decent amount of yard work done.

…. annnnd this post was supposed to go live last Friday but then Conrad’s finger turned into another ER trip & overnight hospital stay and well, somehow a whole other week has passed before I was able to get this published.

Things are crazy – what else can I say? We’re all fighting different and difficult battles right now, and pining for the normalcy of just a few months ago. We all want this to be over. I’m trying to put some more measures in place personally, to help myself & my family get through this (less time on Twitter, more time out in our yard, no screens after 9:30pm, stepping back from work more) and hoping that blogging is one of those things that helps. So with ALL of that, let’s get to today’s post.

Tucked away in downtown York, PA, is a warehouse venue called The Bond. It is adorned with murals and industrial windows with unbelievable natural light. The Bond is nestled between murals and a community art garden, the perfect urban oasis.

Bohemian brides don’t always belong in a meadow, sometimes they belong in a city, besides large murals. Bohemian vibes are a way of life, not a location. 


Photographer: Victoria Selman Photographer | Venue: The Bond | Planner: The Otherside Creatives | Rentals: Something Vintage | Farm Tables: Barnes Farm Tables | Florist: Rhapsody in Bloom | Calligrapher: Lynn Theresa Designs | Sweets: Little Fig Bakeshop | Chairs, Bouquet & Backdrop Macrame: Ore + Wool | Makeup Artist: Fleurt Beauty Company


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