Images: Coral Dove Photography

Oh hey remember me? Like I don’t at all blame you if you don’t. Let me re-introduce myself: My name is Bree, I used to be a good blogger, somehow juggling a full-time job, this Capitol Romance Business (day-of coordination + an online store & wholesale + blogging), and my life/family/kids. And then I had my second kid in 2018 … and well, life has never really been the same. The day job took off (in ways I never imagined that I would actually enjoy/like/thrive/be challenged in), and the blog fell by the wayside. Try as I might, to get it back on track, it was always just the bottom of my very long to-do list.

So first let me apologize to all the amazing vendors that sent me submissions that I accepted, and then never published. I am SO SORRY that I kept pushing your publication date, or flat out just not responding to your emails. Every time I would open my inbox, I would see your emails with a little start, indicating that I still had to answer and respond and BLOG and the guilt would take over, and instead I would just close my inbox.

Yeah, not great, I know. And I really am sorry. The days have just gotten more insane each week, managing my life, my day-job, my family, two kids + the paying wedding coordination clients. I am drowning in a few areas, and the blog is def one of them, so it’s on me for not asking for a life raft sooner.

But thankfully, if you’ve been reading the blog this week, then you know that my life raft has come: Kara. Kara was already pre-prepping blog posts for me for a while, but even with that help, I couldn’t find the time to get the posts finished/published. So we decided that it was good for EVERYONE if Kara published posts on her own, giving all your amazing submissions the spotlight they deserve and ALSO bringing all my readers a fresh voice to the blog. I’d guess after 9 years (NINE YEARS YOU GUYS), you might be sick of just hearing about my life on here ;)

So yet again, a new year, and a new resolve to get this blog back in order. My fingers are rusty but they already feel SO GOOD typing this opening out to you and sharing my small insights again with my readers.

So thank you again for those that continue to stick with this little website, even after all the ups and downs. We’re looking forward to bringing you more amazing DC, VA, and MD wedding & lifestyle content in 2020. Goddess knows, we all need it.

Images: Coral Dove Photography

From the photographer: Beth and Charles eloped in December in Martius, and when they got back they threw the biggest NYE party ever. They started the day by having a small ceremony at Sacred Heart Catholic Church for their family (around 20 people), then later that day, had around a 100 guests meet at Supra, the Georgian restaurant downtown DC.

They had so many speeches, and served food in the style of a Georgian feast. Then they brought in the new year surrounded by the ones they loved. It was such a refreshing and unique wedding celebration.


Photographer: Coral Dove Photography | Ceremony Venue: Shrine of the Sacred Heart | Reception Venue: Supra


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