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What a weekend Romancers. Friday I got my hair did, saw the AMAZING Andrew McMahon at the Fillmore (and got a jack & coke dumped on me) and then prepped like CRAZY for the weekend – we threw Evie an early 2nd birthday party (and yes, of course I went crazy with the details/setup, because I literally can’t turn it off) and then we hosted family for Easter brunch. We also found some time to #resist at The Tax March. We are supposed to be de-cluttering our house to get it ready to be listed for sale, but we mostly just ended up with 800 more Peppa Pig-themed things :) ah life.

For today, we have the notorious Kelsey back to share the details of her wedding day – no, not the DIY crafts and group shots, the actual, real details of what her wedding day was like. Take it away!

The Marathon | Guest Post by Kelsey

I’m going to be honest with you, I have no idea what people mean when they say ‘it’s marathon, not a sprint’ because I despise running. I do pilates only because I can sit or lie down 90% of the time. But, I will say, on your wedding day, take your time. Remind yourself to take your time often; otherwise, it will be a sprint. So here we go.

I woke up for my wedding in my own bed. My groom and I live together in a one bedroom apartment. Sleeping anywhere other than my own bed the night before the biggest day of my life wasn’t going to happen, and that made two of us. So yes, we slept in the same bed the night before wedding. GASP. Judge all you want.

Moving on. I went over to my parents’ suite for a full day of hair and makeup. Have a wireless speaker/laptop and a playlist ready that will get you amped. And not just your getting ready mix because that maxes out at what, two hours? Right. This is a long day and you need to be at 100 for 16 hours. So take that playlist seriously.

Second most important thing to making sure you have at least 34 Pitbull songs on your day of playlist…eat. Make a point to eat. Food at your wedding is not guaranteed so pack it in now. On my big day I ordered hoagies because, hoagies. I also drank a ton of water. You know the saying, ‘maybe she’s born with it’? swap that in with ‘maybe she’s hydrated’ because it makes you look and feel a million dollars.

My groom and I planned to do a first look so we could spend cocktail hour with our friends and family. The first look was a really special hour that was the perfect reset button before a very busy evening. When we got to the wedding venue it was game faces and deep breaths.

From here, every wedding is so different so I can only share advice that helped me the most. Remember to savor every moment. Sure it sounds cliché but seriously, if you have any second where you’re like, ‘dang, I’m getting married,’ take it in. One of my favorite moments on my wedding day was going up to the balcony and watching all of our guests dance to Shout. It was the perfect snapshot to look down and think ‘wow, I did this’.

Also, Shout is a fantastic song and while I think Sweet Caroline can be retired, Shout is a musthave. Now get ready…

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