This election is one of the most important in our Nation’s history. If you follow my social media, you know where I stand on the issues (and candidates) but regardless of where you align, the most important thing here is that you actually exercise the right you have to cast a vote. Stats will show that a large number of people in our country choose not to vote, and the apathy is something I can’t always understand. Politics & politicians at the highest and lowest levels of government make decisions that affect your life, your family, and your loved ones’ rights and every day lives. These decisions impact you at many levels of your life and for that I must ask you to please consider casting your vote tomorrow if you weren’t already planning on it (or haven’t voted already!).

For today we have an awesome story of 2 DC residents that are as DC as they come – political wonks that love this city and the romance it kindled between them. Though they are getting married in Mary Kate’s home state of Arizona, they decided to host a joint bachelor/ette party weekend that had a #GOTV (Get Out the Vote) theme. How awesome is that? Mary Kate’s best friend emailed me about it, and I loved this alternative (and timely) bachelor/ette party idea. Check out how it went down…


Mary Kate and Matthew are as District a couple as they get! These DC residents are getting married in Arizona, but their romance began and continues to revolve around their mutual political wonkiness. Their joint bachelorette/bachelor party will be a GOTV drive! How does that work, you ask? Before we go through the steps, just a bit more background on this civic-minded, oh-so-Washingtonian couple…

Mary Kate refined her policy prowess working at the House Armed Services Committee while earning her MA in Security Studies from the National Defense University. She is now Director of Public Policy at ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership. She’s also a Truman National Security Political Partner, and serves on The Tax Coalition Executive Board and DC Ed Fund.

Matt is a politics guru and strategist, currently a Research Manager at APCO worldwide, and previously an Analyst at Lake Research Partners as well as a fellow at the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center. He got his degree in Political Science from Duke University and he can really break down a poll for you as we near the finale of this 2016 election.

The two met through a friend in DC. Both share a razor-sharp wit, love of all things policy and politics, and a reflective and critical thinking nature that makes them best of friends in addition to the cutest romantic pair.

OK, so switching to this hen-do/stag-party/election mash-up. This will serve you if you are as passionate as they are about politics, or if you want to feel like you’ve earned the drinks that will inevitably ensue.

Step 1. Find a volunteer leader, organizer or trained fellow from your favorite candidate’s campaign. Hey, we’re in DC, at least two (times twenty two?) of your friends are one of those. Better yet, your friend will get credit with the campaign for the people that they are getting to volunteer. Everybody wins!

Step 2. If for some reason you’re lacking in campaign volunteer pals, you can go to your candidate’s webpage and locate their local volunteer office.

Step 3. Ask about which GOTV event you can help with. Pick a date and time that works with your bachelor/bachelorette following!

Step 4. Set up a Google doc so that your (true) friends can sign up for your wild bachelor/bachelorette party! Let them know a few weeks in advance, just like you would for a regular bash. Then let that buddy or the campaign office know who you’ve rounded up.

Step 5. Before you proceed to knock on those doors, your friend on the campaign will go over the script with you, give you the list of voters, and explain why you are specifically approaching them. They’ll also give you a walk packet to follow and mark.

Step 6. Go out and get ´em (literally).

Step 7. Debrief your friend or the volunteer office on how it went, and drop off your walk packet. Let them know about your experience so they can improve the campaign all the more.

Step 8. Go out and celebrate with your loyal crew, but REALLY celebrate this time.

This American all-star team truly inspires us, even if they do make us get up earlier on a Saturday than we’d like.


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