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I used to be able to multi-task with the best of them. Talking and typing at the same time, answering emails while on a conference call, or simply just doing 3 or 4 things simultaneously. Well, those days are pretty much over.

Now, while I still ATTEMPT to multi-task like I used to, I can’t quite cut it these days. What do I mean by this exactly? Well the details are falling through the cracks and I can’t quite seem to make it stop.

Let’s start first with Evie’s First Birthday Invitation. I poured over this – editing and updating and trying to make it look the cutest I could on my limited InDesign skills. I sent to Andy for proofing and I must have stared at this thing a million times. I finally got as far as I could, and satisfied I sent it off for printing, and then mailing to our friends/family.


And then my sister in law texted me. While the invite is ADORABLE, she said, the date for Saturday is May 14th, not 13th. YIKES.

Fast forward a few weeks and I was busy making a book for my parents of Evie’s first year with them. Again, making the book with a few spare minutes here or an extra chunk of time there, and I was finally happy with it. Finalize, review, add to cart, send to parents. They got the book and were over the moon, but I had done it AGAIN. A picture of Evie & my parents in the hospital …. May 2016. That’s quite the time-traveling baby apparently.

I’ll be honest, I am still getting used to this – not being able to multi-task without some sort of detail falling into error. I am trying to re-read things to the Nth degree or maybe try and focus on singular tasks and not have 8 computer programs open at once, but I feel like that’s sort of hard to do when you are trying to run a business AND be a mom AND be a wife AND still function at your day job.

I think it’s going to take some time for me to try to cut back on my multi-tasking. I know I should, but I also feel like I won’t do it until something more major than a family book or 1st birthday invite, gets hit with my no-longer-detail-oriented ways. I keep hoping it will just stop and I can go back to the ways of pre-momhood where I could juggle all these things and still stay on top of my details game.

So while I’ll try my hardest to stick to 1 (ok maybe 2 max) thing at a time, I’ll also ask everyones’ forgiveness in advance, for when I inevitably mess up those future details.

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