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On Tuesday I got the chance to speak to a room full of fellow wedding vendors about my 5 tips for using social media to boost your business. After speaking at the Wedding Wire World Panel earlier this year, Karen from AWP DC reached out to me asking if I would be interested in speaking at an AWP DC event. I was honored to be asked and excited to get the chance to flex my speaking muscles some more, so I immediately said yes.

And then Evie arrived and everything got nuts and I was a little nervous about committing to something like this with everything going on in my life. Would I be able to put together a compelling, interesting, and HELPFUL presentation? Would the room be engaged? I was NERVOUS.

Image by www.jonflemingphotography.com

I worked for a while on putting together a Prezi (so much more visually appealing than PowerPoint) that I thought was a good mix of information, quotes, funny jokes, a video, and got to work sharing my own experiences of how social media boosted my blog from a little known hobby site, to a full blown blog that sees over 3K views a day.

Image by www.jonflemingphotography.com
Image by www.jonflemingphotography.com

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Tara, the president of AWP DC, gave me the warmest welcome and nicest introduction. And off I went!

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I had taken the time to write out everything I wanted to say, but once I got up there, I decided to just ditch my notes and TALK. Talk about my experiences, attempt to engage the room, and ask them about their own experience with their company and social media.

I had a BLAST. And my insanely amazing wedding coordinator, Alesha, filmed the WHOLE thing for me on Periscope. And we had 75 people tune in total (25 started live). If you want to watch the video (not the best quality, sorry!) you can here: https://katch.me/CapitolRomance/v/fee8ba7c-ca93-329f-b766-97beb1fb11bf

Otherwise, I am going to be breaking down the Top 5 Tips for Boosting Your Business with Social Media over the next few weeks on the blog :) So be on the lookout for those!

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AND if you or someone you know is looking for speakers for an event, I would love to throw my name in the hat. I had a blast (as evidenced by the picture above) and can really speak to a wide range of topics, as I’ve learned A TON being a blogger, wedding vendor, and business owner, (and now a #momprenuer too!) over these past 4+ years since starting Capitol Romance. So give me a ring!

That view though …. love this damn city! Have a FANTASTIC weekend Romancers. And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Image by www.jonflemingphotography.com
Image by www.jonflemingphotography.com

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