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Priorities. We’ve all got them, but some of us are better at putting them in the right order and some of us aren’t. And whether you’re running a business, planning a wedding, or just trying to get things done, nothing is more important than prioritizing. I don’t think I truly realized this until having a baby. Having a baby (or planning for some other major life event) puts things into perspective, and fast, because you suddenly don’t have the luxury of time anymore. Really the ONLY way I can get anything done these days, is by making sure I have my priorities straight, focusing on what REALLY needs to get done, and in what order.

So whenever anyone asks me, “how do you get it all done?”, my answer is simple, I prioritize.

Prioritizing really isn’t that hard either, it takes little extra time and thought and can REALLY help make your life SO MUCH easier! So here’s my top 3 tips for prioritizing that will hopefully make your life a bit easier and help you get it DONE. (Whatever “it” may be).

#1. Make a List

Seriously. Write it down. The things you NEED to do and the things you WANT to do. Then order that list from most important to least. Then get crackin’. Making a list might sound like a “duh” item, but seriously, the mere action of writing things down will help you prioritize because you will most likely drop things from the list right off the bat. There, you’ve already started making your life easier.

#2. Ask Yourself What the Benefit Is

From that list you just made, quickly scan items and decide which ones will bring you the most benefit. When I start my day, my mind is FULL of things I need to get done. Then I start to realize, cleaning the carpet, while it might make ME happier, just isn’t as important as spending 30 minutes answering emails that other business owners, clients, and prospective clients are waiting on. If the benefit is low, drop it down (or even cross it off the list!). Focus on the things that will bring you the best returns, first.

#3. Keep It Big Picture

Start with the big boys and then work your way down to the smaller items on your list. If you start your day tackling the big things, then by the time you make it to the small ones, it will seem like smooth sailing. If instead, you try to tackle a bunch of tiny things first, you’ll be half way through your day (or week!) and still have BIG ticket items hanging over your head. This will cause you some SERIOUS stress and will most likely throw your priorities out of wack for the rest of the week.

OK Romancers! What are your tips for prioritizing and keeping your priorities straight?! Sound off below!



  1. Yes this! There’s a print in our nursery that says, as part of it, “If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV” – avoiding time wasting activities while you’re trying to get stuff done (like Facebook, Instagram…) is the key for me that I haven’t mastered yet.

  2. Love this Bree, just the reminder I needed today! I get so bogged down and overwhelmed with the long ongoing to do list sometimes – I love the point you make about benefit! I often find that making one master “braindump” to do list is helpful just to get it all out – then I break it down into categories or even days. It’s also important to not try to over-prioritize! Being realistic about what you can actually accomplish in a day helps to keep from getting down about not getting things done ;)

    1. <3 so glad it helped! and YES i always get overwhelmed when I try to think of ALL The things I need to do... so much easier to write it down adn then give yourself a reality check!

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