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Earlier this year I got a phone call from Kathryn Hamm of, wanting to know if Maggie and I were down to taking #PopUpRomance to the next level this year – joining forces with WeddingWire to do something extra special for Pride. At the time it was perfect for Maggie & I, because we were both DYING to do #PopUpRomance again, but with me being pregnant and Maggie being up to her eyeballs in work, we just didn’t have the time like we did last year to put it together again.


So we were pretty pumped when Kathryn suggested that Wedding Wire wanted to team up, and do one big vow renewal/renewal of our commitment to support the LGBT community. They scored the sick rooftop at The Embassy Row Hotel in Dupont Circle, and helped us put together an awesome balloon backdrop!

MaggieGaudaen-Pride2015-MJW_7317 MaggieGaudaen-Pride2015-MJW_1235

Steven, the other half of Pop Wed Co, led the group in an AWESOME commitment ceremony and there was a TON of press on hand to capture the awesomeness! Steven asked the crowd if anyone would like to speak about what the event & Pride meant to them … and naturally I didn’t stay quiet. It meant SO much to me to get to reaffirm my support of the LGBT community, in such a cool space, with my husband and daughter in attendance. I am so thrilled that my daughter will grow up, never knowing a time where ALL couples did not have the right to marry whoever they love.


And then we all joined hands and reaffirmed our commitment to support the LGBT community together.

MaggieGaudaen-Pride2015-MJW_7365 MaggieGaudaen-Pride2015-MJW_7382 MaggieGaudaen-Pride2015-MJW_7384

We made signs for the Pride parade happening later that day and I was downright honored to wear the awesome LOVE > ALL tshirts that Maggie & Steven made for me, Andy & Evie.

MaggieGaudaen-Pride2015-MJW_1284 MaggieGaudaen-Pride2015-MJW_7486

Though it was ungodly hot outside, the storms held off and #PopUpRomance 2.0 was another one for the books! I can’t wait to see what #PopUpRomance becomes for next year’s Pride weekend ;)


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