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Sometimes I get the coolest submissions – I thought this one was one of them. Lindsay King Photography sent along this stop motion video that Amanda & Lacho decided they wanted to use for their wedding invitation!! The couple quickly realized at the beginning of their wedding planning process that they would need to send invitations to guests across FIVE DIFFERENT CONTINENTS (insane!). So instead of trying to fight “timing, lost mail, and destroyed fancy paper”, they decided to send a video instead. The video would be much easier to share AND would be able to convey & share the story of their relationship with their wedding guest list. I love seeing all the fun DC hot spots on their video!

About the couple:

Amanda (from Gloucester, VA) and Lacho (from Sofia, Bulgaria) met in Bologna, Italy in 2011 while attending Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. Before meeting in the land of tortellini, they lived separately in several locations across Europe including France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Bosnia. Over the years, their friends and family have spread out across the globe!

Why they chose a stop motion wedding invitation video over a traditional invitation:

When planning their wedding guest list, they realized that they would need to send invitations to loved ones on five continents… causing issues with timing, lost mail and destroyed fancy paper. Amanda and Lacho wanted an invitation which would be easy to send globally and convey their relationship history starting in Italy, moving to Washington and including an amazing wedding celebration in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. They also wanted a medium that would allow for silly expressions, music and a way to express their goofy personalities. After a quick Google search for “Washington, D.C., photographer and stop action video,” they stumbled across Lindsay King’s website. Lindsay and her now husband posted the most adorable stop motion video of their engagement which was both lovingly personal and professionally done! One planning session, a freezing cold (but fun!) photo shoot, and a lot of hard work from Lindsay later…they couldn’t be happier with the final product! Their friends and family have loved the sweet, unique and personalized video. Amanda and Lacho will be watching the video over and over again until their big day in Bulgaria next Labor Day!

And now, their AWESOME stop motion wedding invitation video:

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  1. omg this is the cutest thing ever! is it weird that i really loved the coffee creamers hopping around the coffee cups in the diner? :)

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