Jeff & Jennie – Save the Date! from Jennie on Vimeo.

Time to brag a little. These cool kids in this awesome stop motion save the date video happen to be clients of mine. They love DC, they love Penn State, and they love each other! I am SO pumped to get to work Jeff & Jennie’s wedding at Virtue Feed & Grain next April. I just love how fun their save the date video is – even featuring some rad DIY chalkboard signage that Jennie learned how to make at one of our Capitol Romance DIY workshops!! Now while everyone else is gearing up for the weekend and the holidays, here are just a few LINKs to get you to the weekend!

[icon size=”small” image=”icon-heart”] How awesome is this DC hoodie?! I need it!

[icon size=”small” image=”icon-heart”] While I really cannot stand Taylor Swift … these Jewish boys pulled off a pretty spectacular parody.

[icon size=”small” image=”icon-heart”] In a funk lately? Consider putting your phone down and trying one of these things instead.

[icon size=”small” image=”icon-heart”] I think I am classifiably obsessed (and need help) with this song by Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars. Like I cannot stop listening (and let’s be honest, dancing) to this song. In my car, my kitchen, my couch – doesn’t matter.

And with that … have a GREAT weekend Romancers! Andy & I are NJ bound tomorrow, but I’ll be blogging here and there next week and the week after! Happy Holidays!


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