I’ve lived in Washington, DC for 7 years now (god, typing that makes me feel SO OLD), and for some inexplicable reason I’ve never witnessed the Pride Parade. So this year, I made up for it tenfold, but not only witnessing the parade but actually getting to WALK IN IT!!! The amazing Kathryn Hamm at GayWeddings invited our entire PopUpRomance team and winning couple (and their family and friends!) to walk with WeddingWire’s “#WedWeCan team. It was amazing, enthralling, and so many other feelings that I am not able to capture here with mere words.

I’ll be writing a full recap of PopUpRomance and our day at the MEET Market soon, but I couldn’t help but share a little insight before today’s post. Today we shared the wedding on Mitch & Shawn – a couple that had been together 13 years. THIRTEEN YEARS before they were finally able to be legally married. They are from Florida, but chose to fly to DC to to have an extremely private marriage ceremony at the Westin. No details, no family, no big fancy dinner, no DJ. Just two men, their extremely dapper suits, and the love they share.

Mitch & Shawn’s Modern, Chic Washington DC Elopement


Photographer: Cavin Elizabeth Photography | Officiant: Rev Kirsten Blom-Westbrook | Venue: Westin Georgetown | Submitted via Two Bright Lights


A note from the photographer:

Of course, Mitch and Shawn were glowing after they exchanged their vows at the Georgetown Westin for their gay marriage ceremony. I nearly teared up during this part. It truly was so much more special for me than any wedding I have ever attended. Knowing that Shawn and Mitch have had to wait for over a decade to have this special day just makes this so meaningful.


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Click inside for the rest of Mitch & Shawn’s intimate, Washington DC elopement at the Westin.

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Congratulations Mitch & Shawn! Thank you for sharing your beautiful DC wedding with us! A special thanks again to Cavin Elizabeth Photography for sharing their images with us!

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