Arlene and Adam didn’t want a big wedding. They dreamed of a big honeymoon and a perfect, small, elegant but modern ceremony.

So that’s EXACTLY what they did! I am SO pumped to have Val and Sarah on the blog today, sharing Arlene & Adam’s intimate, DC wedding. Arlene’s BHLDN dress is gorgeous, and her cobalt blue heels are WICKED. But really, my favorite thing about intimate weddings are just how meaningful they are. Strip away the money, the huge guest list, and all the crazy decorations and what’s left is really the MOST important part of the wedding day – ya know, the act of two people actually getting married. Take it away you guys!

Arlene & Adam’s Intimate, Washington DC Wedding at the Park Hyatt

intimate modern DC wedding


Photography: Val & Sarah | Bride’s Dress: BHLDN | Flowers: America’s Beautiful Florist | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

About the couple … and why they decided to get married ;)

After 8 years together, we decided to get married shortly after learning that Game of Thrones Season 4 wouldn’t be on the air until April 2014 and we needed SOMETHING to do until then. Seriously, how sweet is Game of Thrones Season 4 going to be!?

cobalt blue bridal heels

On her dress:

 Just bought it online and loved it and kept it. I got it pressed the week before at Besson’s Cleaner’s on 14th in NW and I’m only mentioning that because I had a bear of a time figuring out exactly what people do about wrinkles in wedding dresses. Turns out you can just get it pressed at the cleaners! Who knew? They even put it in a hanger form so that it kept its shape. Best $20 I spent on the whole wedding.

intimate moden bhldn wedding dress modern groom attiremodern bride getting ready

More from Val & Sarah:

They found the perfect setting at the Park Hyatt in Washington DC by holding their ceremony in the Presidential Suite. Wearing a short dress, and a perfect pair of royal blue shoes, Arlene walked to Adam with Thank You For Being A Friend (Yes, the Golden Girls Theme Song) playing in the background. The pair were married in front of their immediate family by a close friend. Perfect. Intimate. And Gorgeous. What more could you ask for?

intimate modern DC wedding intimate modern DC wedding intimate modern DC wedding

Click inside for the rest of Arlene & Adam’s intimate, modern DC wedding!

My MIL got the flowers from a place in Rockville Called America’s Beautiful Florist (for real). Unfortunately it’s not as good a story as she just showed up and bought them that day. I believe she actually visited a couple of different florists and planned with them – I just wasn’t a part of it. I told her to take care of it herself because it wasn’t my thing. My only instructions were to get white since I figured it would keep things simple.

intimate modern DC wedding intimate modern DC wedding intimate modern DC wedding

Wedding planning advice:

I had a lot of ideas of what a wedding did and didn’t need and I didn’t want our parents to steamroll us on the “unnecessary’ stuff. But I then I realized that being so anti-“typical wedding stuff” made me a different kind of Bridezilla. I said no to some things but also agreed to do others I originally thought I wouldn’t. Being inclusive definitely made the wedding better and I’m so happy for it.

intimate modern DC wedding intimate modern DC wedding intimate modern DC wedding

On the amazing honeymoon:

We spent a week in Singapore and a week in the Maldives. The Maldives were amazing, if you have the wherewithal to travel that far I cannot recommend it enough. The Singapore part was so we could have a cultural portion of the trip but it also had the added benefit of allowing us to adjust to the time on the other side of the world so we could really enjoy every day in the Maldives.

intimate modern DC wedding intimate modern DC wedding

Congratulations Arlene & Adam! Thank you for sharing your awesome, modern & intimate DC wedding with us! A special thanks again to Val & Sarah for sharing their images with us.

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