We mentioned a few weeks back that 2014 was going to be a GOOD year. Personally, professionally, creatively — you name it, this year is going to have it! Already this year we’ve ramped up on taking advertisements, signed up for the Blogcademy, worked our first 2014 Wedding, & started training for another half-marathon (which let me tell you, in this weather has been BRUTAL). And in addition to all those things (and so many more coming your way!) we’ve finally launched something that has been in the works for a few months: Capitol Romance Classifieds!

classifieds header_final

We’ve had a few emails drop in our inbox, asking us to post individual items for sale, as blog posts, so we thought, “why not create an entire platform where ANYONE could buy & sell used wedding items in the DC area easily and simply?”. Personally, I used Wedding Bee’s classifieds section for my own wedding and often tell friends/clients to check that out – but the big bummer with that (other than the fact that people TROLL that thing all day and you have to be pretty vigilant on it or you miss what you need) is the shipping costs!! We bought globe lights for our reception and had to pay a pretty penny to get them shipped.

Wouldn’t it have been better to just drive to Arlington and pick them up? Oh hell yeah it would have been!

So this is what we are trying to promote with the new classifieds section: buying, selling & saving for your DC wedding, all locally!

used dc wedding decorations for sale

Any way we can help metro DC couples plan their wedding on a budget, while also promoting the recycling & reuse of wedding goods in the area? I mean, why not?! So if you or a friend/family member you know has some wedding appropriate things around their house, get on the classifieds and sell those DC wedding items! OR if you are planning a practical DC wedding, then check out what we have for sale!

It’s easy, simple, helpful, and continues to promote the fun, affordable DC weddings that we love to showcase here on Capitol Romance!

So what do you think guys?! Are you as in love with our brandy new Capitol Romance Classifieds platform as we are?! We can’t wait to help you buy & sell your used DC wedding items here!

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