1. Okay, I was quite literally just working on our guest list and doing some more playing around with online invitation designs, and I was also just quite literally bemoaning how boring typical wedding websites are and how I want everything to coordinate, but that’s hard to do without spending a lot more money or having actual design skills (not this girl) and holy smokes, would this be awesome! In a quick glance at their gallery, I think something like the Joel and Samantha suite on a blue/purple/silver color palette would definitely give the vibe that we’d want. Plus, the watercolor effect is so lovely!

  2. These are all so beautiful! I would love to create something classic and elegant, with a hint of modern whimsy. I could see using reds and oranges to create a warm feel. Such a fun way to give guests the first taste of your wedding!

  3. This is an incredible give-a-way! I can only hope that we’re so lucky to win this one! Our colors are plum, gray, and ivory with green accents, and our wedding will be outside. We’re trying to create a natural elegance and designing a logo would help to tell that story! Fingers crossed!

  4. We’re planning a kind of laid back late night beach wedding and would LOVE for the invitations to follow suite. We’ll be at this gorgeous venue on the water with 100 of our closest friends, small bulb light strings will be hung everywhere, fire pit going.

  5. Our wedding will be a little vintage and a little rustic. Our colors are lilac and lemon, great springtime colors.

  6. What an amazing giveaway! Hats off to Bree for organizing this and a huge thanks to Ribbon and Ink for donating their mad skills! We are having a fun vintage library wedding in tones of sunburst, turquoise, grey and cream. Unfortunately, it seems that library inspired invitations are sorely lacking and/or totally uninspired. This would be such a great chance to create the suite we have in our brains while also staying on our tight budget. Fingers crossed!

  7. I love this wedding suite and the idea of a custom logo. This is by far my favorite giveaway! The colors are so fresh and vibrant! We are going for a Great Gatsby theme with Art Deco accents because my wedding ring is from his late grandmother so we are trying to pay ode to them! I love it!

  8. Oooh, so fabulous! We’re in the really early stages of wedding planning, but if we end up with the venue I have my eye on I’m going Art Deco with black, gold, emerald green, and ballet pink.

  9. I am SO excited about this giveaway from Ribbon and Ink! I love the design done for Bryann & Sarah, that is exactly my style. My colors are raspberry and orange – I am having a summer wedding so I want bright fun colors but with vintage style. I am getting married to a wonderful man named Nic at a place called West Manor Estate in VA. I have been trying to figure out what to do for my invitations and would LOVE to have a design from Ribbon and Ink! Thank you Capital Romance for this giveaway!

  10. Wow, this really is an awesome giveaway! I see why you have been so excited! I think having a custom logo just makes you feel fancy. We are going for a modern glam look with purple black and silver as our colors.

  11. I’m actually hoping to win for a friend and I don’t know what their colors are yet but for our recent wedding, we went rustic chic with mason jars, burlap, and lace. We also had a button theme throughout. Our colors were based off the colors in my husbands kilt: creme, navy blue, hunter green, and yellow!

  12. These are really beautiful, and this is a great giveaway. I only just started planning and actually have a ways until my wedding, but this week I have cried no less than three times trying to optimize everyone’s happiness with our very divergent opinions. Free beautiful things always make me feel better, ha. The only color I know is a deep red/burgundy/wild beet/dark cranberry.

  13. I love this giveaway! For my wedding this May, I want everything to feel soft, warm, and romantic. I’ve always dreamed of a really neutral color theme… pale pinks, white, and grays. Again, soft and romantic :) The wedding is in Hawaii, so I’d love everything to have a wild garden feeling—nothing too structured or “perfect.” I just want everyone to feel comfortable and happy!

  14. I would love to have a design that is gold and navy, which is our school colors. I want it to be classic!

  15. This is an awesome giveaway! The design style for our wedding is fun and casual but classic. We want the wedding to be very “DC” – our venue is Carnegie Library and we plan to tie in DC aspects throughout the wedding. Although Carnegie Library is pretty formal, we plan to make it more fun too with bright colors and fun accents. Our wedding colors are navy blue (primary) with a bright green secondary color (something between apple and olive – up in the air still on the exact shade), and pops of bright pink. For invitations, we’d like more fun than formal – I love the big block letters and even the movie ticket-type save-the-dates (although we don’t want something quite that themed). We’ve looked at a lot of DC outline invitations too, so that’s an option. I would LOVE to mix all of that together to get a custom design from Ribbon and Ink!!

  16. Oops. Posted that before I finished. My fiance and I are planning for a casual outdoor summer wedding. We are actually doing a destination wedding in Lake Tahoe, which fits our theme perfectly and is not only my favorite place in the world, but also where we got engaged! Our colors are blues, corals, and greens and we like simple un-complicated designs.

  17. My fiance and I are having a spring wedding in a modern hotel, so we’re going with grays, yellows, and purples and reds for pops of color. We’re really into simple, modern, clean designs. I’m positive Ribbon & Ink could create something amazing for us!

  18. My fiance and I are getting married next fall on a farm, so we are thinking of incorporating navy and burnt orange and reds into our design. We’d love to have a sleek, modern, but still rustic/whimsical look.

  19. We are having a library wedding in May so this would be a great chance to put our personal touch on the invitations. Turquoise and orange are our colors!

  20. This is such a great giveaway. Our colors are pink and navy with hints of gold. Our location is a renovated 1920s hotel ballroom, but we’re having a hard time finding the perfect invitation suite and can’t afford to have one custom made. This would be perfect for us!

  21. My fiancée and I got engaged over the weekend! We haven’t made and final decisions, but we are thinking black and cream with a touch of gold. *fingers crossed*

  22. Wow, custom design sounds decadent! We are planning to do invites that are clean and modern, probably in black and white. The wedding is going to be next Fall here in DC and the look we are going for is city chic. Colors are aubergine and slate with pops of fuchsia. It would save so much time to have professional design a custom website, rather than trying to DIY it!

  23. I think the entry widget might be broken (or might not work on IE), but regardless:

    warm winter white + grey flannel + silver/pewter + natural wood + pine/magnolia wreaths (more Scandinavian/American colonial, less winter wonderland)

  24. What amazing work. I especially love the pieces that are natural in style. They exude a timeless style while managing not to appear contrived or artificial.

  25. Awesome giveaway!! I have two clients in need for wedding branding. One who wants a very Marie Antoinette feeling & another who is getting married in a Castle! I think you could do awesome things with either Katie :-)

  26. Our wedding is going to have a rustic, natural vibe mixed with some vintage hippieness and undertones of the ethereal. Healing crystals, deer skulls, succulents, ferns, and painted feathers…

  27. My style is laid back and organic. I want to feel like the ocean and water are living elements throughout everything. But I want things modern, clean and simplistic, not too fussy or bohemian.

  28. Great giveaway! We’re planning a modern dc wedding! So, we picture the DC skyline with pops of bold color and pring

  29. These invitations look amazing and right up my alley. I’ve always had a thing for merging two very different styles. Even growing up I would throw together a weird outfit and try to make it work. Now, I want my wedding to reflect where we live- by the beach, but also very much in the country. My wedding at a venue right on the beach, so I decided to go with navy blue and white. That being said, I want to merge clean, simple navy and blues with a bit of a farmhouse, rustic feel using neutrals and interesting textures. Help me!

  30. Beautiful designs! We love DC and bikes, so those are serving as our inspiration. And we are going for a clean and simple design.

  31. We have a WWII Russian motorcycle that we take road-tripping with our 2 pups all the time. So in turn we are using our love for road trips, travel and the outdoors as our wedding theme. Our colors will be pulled from vintage maps and wood grains (possibly light blues, greens, muted yellows, vintage glass and burlap). We would love your help to pull this all together with your beautiful invitations!! <3

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