Win a 100 Custom Letterpress Coasters from Typecase Industries

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  • October 02, 2013

I know I shouldn’t show favoritism, but today’s giveaway might just be my favorite (well next to our ULTIMATE giveaway being thrown down on Friday – are you excited yet?). The girls behind Typecase Industries (one of our favorite DC graphic design vendors too) are just so insanely cool and talented and I think this giveaway is a far-reaching one that could be used for A LOT of things! It’s also over $150 value! Egads!

Typecase Industries will work with you on the design (or you can provide your own). And the 100 letterpress coasters include 1 color, single-sided on 220lb bright white or pearl paper, and free shipping within the US!

Win a 100 Letterpress Coasters from Typecase Industries

letterpress custom wedding coasters

I may be biased as I did just have Typecase Industries design a new business card for me, but seriously, aren’t they just the COOLEST?! This would be the perfect detail for any couple to have at their wedding reception or any business could use them for their next event. Or possibly you’d like to win them for a friend as a Christmas (ugh, yes I did just use the C word) gift or a wedding gift?! Really, the possibilities are endless!

Annnnnd just in case you guys might be interested, Typecase Industries is on the cusp of some really huge & big moves in their business. First, they are looking to move into a new location so that they can offer workshops, events, rental space and continue to grow and spread their awesome talents with our city. Check that all out here.

And second, if you are looking for something fun to do this Sunday, they are hosting a fundraising gallery show and art auction at Toki Underground in my ‘hood! Find out more about that event here.

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