1. I’m not sure I can say I “deserve” to win, but I’d certainly love to! My fiance and I met a little over three years ago here in DC, and we would love to have great engagement pictures to capture this exciting time in our lives in the city where we fell in love!

  2. My fiance and I met in college and have been dating for almost 7 years. Year 1 of us dating, he recognized pretty early on that Christmas was my favorite time of year. That year he scored big points by surprising me with cheesy and awesome Yankee Candle Christmas decorations. The following years we dated long distance and he surprised me with morning of Christmas morning visits. Flash forward a few years, he proposed on December 1st and I should have known it was coming when that morning he went along with my argument that we NEEDED two Christmas trees in our one bedroom apartment. I was stringing lights on the tree and he kept insisting on moving to the ornament portion of decorating. I thought he just really wanted to help so we moved along and all of a sudden he was down on one knee stating that Christmas has grown to be his most special time of the year as well and we should spend every Christmas together :).

  3. I really love the giveaways you are doing this week! I love the fact that this comes with a coffee book because it allows us to really relive the session. I really thank you for these awesome giveaways that really could make a wedding!

    1. I probably should include a little story about our engagement!!! Peter and I met in the Peace Corps. When we first met I knew his grandmother was dying from cancer, so I lent a lot of emotional support. At the same time, my parents were going through a bad divorce. We got close to each other and eventually fell in love. Fast forward 5 years, when he proposed to me, it was awkward because he’s a bit awkward, but I was completely surprised. We had talked about getting engaged prior, but the ring cost was a big issue since we had just graduated from Grad School. However, he pulled out this box, and I gave him the “where did this come from?” stare. He opened it up and it was his grandmother’s ring!! I couldn’t have asked for anything more because I know how much she meant to him and his family and knew that they truly wanted me to have it! I couldn’t have been happier!

  4. We just got engaged two weeks ago – my fiance surprised me with a trip for my birthday, and then once we were out there proposed! Our relationship has been full of fun surprises, and it would be great to document it with a fun book like this. I would love to do a fun session that captures how much fun we have together.

  5. My husband and I met in Nigeria. He is from Slovenia and I am from the U.S.A. I moved back to the States while I was pregnant and had to wait for him to come to live with us – a very long two and a half years. We married in front of all of my family, his parents, and our friends in an intimate ceremony in northern Michigan a year before his move to my son and I was permanent. Every.single.day I am grateful for our family being all together.

  6. We’ve been engaged for a couple of weeks and we’re absolutly over the moon about it! I love the idea of an engagement session, but we’re paying for pretty much everything ourselves so we don’t know if it’s going to be in the budget. It would feel like such a sign from the universe that everything is going to be okay if we get to kick off our wedding-related things with a marvelous gift like this.

    A bit about our story: We had a three-day second date. We’d had plans to go out day of DC’s Snowpocalypse. I called him – thinking I would cancel – and instead ended up agreeing to come over for “pizza and romance” despite the chance of a blizzard. Three days of playing in the snow, cuddling, listening to jazz, and yes – pizza and romance – later, I knew that I had made the right call.

  7. Bill and I met as students at American University. A group of us has gotten together playing four square (the game with a ball..before the social network!) on the quad. Bill and I quickly became friends and started saying the next semester. Nearly seven years later, Bill took me on a stroll down to the Cherry Blossoms, where he proposed in April. To my surprise, he had our friends hanging out down there so we have the whole thing captured!

    We’ve been using Capitol Romance as a source for planning our November 2014 wedding!

  8. I’m hoping to win for a friend (former college roommate) who lives in DC. She had to put up with me dating my now husband so I think I deserve to give her something back! She met her future husband at a swing dancing meet-up!

  9. My fiance and I met in college through someone I worked with, but we didn’t see each other again until after college, which is when we started dating. Our first date was a disaster — he was an hour and a half late, we rushed through dinner, and the first movie we tried to see wasn’t working. Nevertheless, I gave him another chance and 4 years later, he proposed to me in Eastern Market, close to where we now live. He proposed on the way to his grad school graduation brunch, which he graciously gave up to basically become our engagement brunch, given that all our closest family and friends were there (and knew that he’d be proposing that morning)!

  10. My fiancee met 8 years ago and we started dating 5 years ago this week. This past weekend he surprised me at the place where we met (a camp in Upstate New York). He said that he first saw me 2,995 days ago, but that he didn’t want to spend another day apart and then asked me to marry him. I would love for Stephanie Leigh Photography to capture our love. *fingers crossed*

  11. If you asked my mom she would say that my fiancée and I are together thanks to her. One day while I was in Ohio for Thanksgiving my mom and I were chatting about friends from college. She happened to ask about my friend Brad who I hadn’t talked to since graduating three years before. She told me about this heart to heart chat she and Brad had while a group of my friends were visiting my parents’ house. My mom told me she was convinced that Brad has a crush on me and that she thought was the sweetest guy.
    Well back in college Brad and I were always in the same social circle but I was in a long-term relationship from freshman year until after college, but I always thought Brad was the perfect guy but out of my league. My mom’s conversation piqued my curiosity though so I messaged Brad to see how he was doing these days. The same night we ended up talking for over five hours and I found out he had never been to DC. We planned for him to make a trip from his house in New York the next month to come visit me and see DC. We spent a cold January weekend touring the city, enjoying each other’s company, and taking in the beautiful sites.
    Within days of him being in DC with me I knew he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He moved down to be with me in DC a few months later and now two years later we are beyond excited to be planning our future together.

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