Happy Tuesday Romancers! Hope you all enjoyed the the long weekend (I took off Friday and had an extra day in NJ to relax, do some volunteering, and watch my Nittany Lions beat Syracuse!!). We’re back this afternoon with Rebecca & Chris’ bright blue, DIY Virginia wedding at Bluemont Vineyard thanks to Kelly Ewell Photography.

Rebecca & Chris planned a gorgeous DIY wedding, based on a speak-easy/1920s theme with a pop of blue! The groom and groomsmen donned bright blue shirts and the bridesmaids were in blue too! Rebecca has a stunning blue engagement ring, and she even handmade her pearl bracelet from her grandmother’s blue pearls. The rest of the decor (mostly at the reception) followed a speak-easy theme with custom drinks, scratch-off escort cards, and wanted posters!

Blue and DIY were certainly the theme for Rebecca & Chris’ big day, check it all out below.

Rebecca & Chris’ DIY, Bright Blue Virginia Wedding at Bluemont Vineyard

offbeat DIY maryland wedding bluemont vineyard


Photography: Kelly Ewell Photography | Bride’s Dress: Kleinfeld Bridal | Desserts: Sweets By E | Entertainment: Bobby G’s Disc Jockey | Venue: Bluemont Vineyard | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

unique blue engagement ring

How they met & the proposal story:

We met in fall of 2007, about 3 months before Becca went off to chiropractic school. We met on a Sunday and realized that we worked in the same office building and the next night we had dinner (neither one of us realizing we were on a date until afterwards). We spent almost all of our free time together before Becca left and then dated long distance for almost 3 years.

Then on May 12th 2012 we went down to Virginia Beach to visit a mutual friend. During our trip Chris took Becca to a beautiful park where they had a picnic. Afterwards, Chris said he had a gift for Becca and pulled at a box which had a perfect blue topaz necklace, which Becca LOVED and immediately put on. Chris then said he had another gift and pulled out a smaller box, WITH A RING! While we both got burned that afternoon, it was one of the most romantic and best days of their lives.

hipster groomsmen blue shirt plaid bowtie

blue bridesmaids gerber daisy bouquets

On their wedding theme and selecting the vineyard as their venue:

We chose the theme “vintage 20’s” since we thought it had a fun romantic feel and was different. We did a more romantic summer theme outside during the day, and a speakeasy theme inside for the reception. We had both the ceremony and reception at Bluemont Vineyard. We knew it was the right place the second we got there. The reception was in a beautiful rustic bar that has been renovated to keep the charm but also include AC. The ceremony was just outside and had a beautiful view! It had a natural 20s romantic kind of charm.

blue vineyard DIY programs

offbeat DIY maryland wedding bluemont vineyard

Click inside for the rest of Rebecca & Chris’ DIY Virginia wedding at Bluemont Vineyard!


blue vineyard DIY programs

 The ceremony was officiated by a friend of ours which was nice since it made the day special and more intimate. It also gave us the ability to write our own ceremony. Otherwise we had lots of help from friends and family with planning the day and helping us enjoy every second of it.

bluemont vineyard wedding ceremony

bluemont vineyard wedding ceremony

offbeat DIY maryland wedding bluemont vineyard

DIY bluemont vineyard maryland barn venue

wedding picture display

wedding escort card display


On their DIY wedding projects:

We had a lot of DIY projects since we love having things that are unique to what we want and to know that we created it. It really made the day seem like ‘our day’. Some of the homemade things were: pearl necklaces worn by the bridal party (made by the bride), the programs to also be fans, the seat cards were ‘scratch offs’ to reveal the secret password which was their seat (we had the cards printed and then made the scratch off part).

The bride also made the bouquets and  our favors to go along with the speakeasy theme were small bottles of either run or gin that we nicknamed for the occasion.

DIY Mrs wood heart wedding sign

wine bottle wedding centerpieces

We had wanted posters of the wedding party for ‘the distribution and consumption of alcohol’ posted around the inside of the bar, there was a homemade photo booth (just a camera) with chalkboards and fun 20’s gangster props for the guestbook, and there were homemade mad-libs that we strung up outside for people to do during cocktail hour.

wedding wanted posters

wedding madlibs

offbeat DIY maryland wedding bluemont vineyard

offbeat alternative wedding cake

Congratulations Rebecca & Chris! Thank you so much for sharing your speak-easy themed Virginia vineyard wedding with us! A special thanks to Kelly Ewell Photography for sharing her images via Two Bright Lights.

offbeat DIY maryland wedding bluemont vineyard



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