A little weekend recap for you today, including a sneak peak of Holly & Andrew’s seriously beautiful, summer garden party wedding at the Lee Fendall House:

Image credit: Rebekah Hoyt Photography

holly and andrew sneak peak

Our weekend was AWESOME! Holly & Andrew were the very first couple that hired me, so they will always have a special place in my heart, but the two of them and their family and friends just made their wedding SO EASY to be a part of! They were such sweet people, full of so much love and laughter.

And yes, of COURSE I teared up at their vows :) There will be LOTS more coming from this wedding, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share some lessons learned!

1. Great vendors = a great wedding day.

I cannot stress this enough for all you wedding-planning couples out there. Holly & Andrew’s vendors were TOP NOTCH. Dan from Superlative Events ROCKED the dance floor and perfectly kept our timeline running. Spilled Milk Catering was phenomenal – the food was delicious, the tight timeline flip was executed perfectly, and service was top-notch. Emily with Love Blooms crafted simply stunning hydrangea centerpieces, and styled the pie table perfectly! Rebekah Hoyt Photography dazzled with image captures like the one above – AND a same-day slideshow that was playing during the reception!! All of these vendors (and more) made Holly & Andrew’s wedding day so easy and fun to coordinate. The day went off without a hitch, and by the end of the evening, EVERYONE was raving about what a wonderful wedding it was. This was ALL thanks to Holly & Andrew hiring perfect vendors for their event & budget :)

2. Know your surroundings.

This one is for the wedding guests out there ;) Make sure when you are dancing your heart out at an outdoor, garden wedding, you take note of any planters in the area. Later in the evening the bride’s father and his friend took an unfortunate tumble over one of the ferns by the DJ table! Gladly, NO one was hurt and there were MANY laughs to be had. But this is still a lesson learned!

3. Having a tall, strong partner to help with wedding-day setup is awesome.

I really couldn’t do what I do with my new wedding coordination business without my husband. I sort of voluntold him to help me with this new endeavor (even though he swears he doesn’t mind …) and I really, honestly, couldn’t survive wedding-day setups without him. So thank you Andy – you really are awesome :)

4. Worn out Rocket Dog flats are not great 10+ hour wedding day shoes.

Yeah, I really need a good pair of flats that have support and COMFORT. Any suggestions vendors?!


  1. I second the Born recommendation. Just got myself a new pair of black Born flats and they do pretty well. No way to stop the aching entirely but much better than a normal pair of shoes!

  2. So excited for your new ventures Bree!! Wedding planning/coordination is definitely something I am considering for the future. We shall see what lies ahead! I’ll look forward to hearing about your experiences. :)

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