A classically elegant wedding today, with a vintage flare and pops of coral! Andrea & Patrick got married at The Villa in Maryland and chose most of their wedding details around their theme of “classic elegance & vintage styling”. I think my favorite thing from their wedding though was the reasoning behind the date they chose! The date was 5/5/2012 and the reason was that it took 5 months from their first date for Patrick to finally ask Andrea out, and then it took another 5 months from their date to proposal. The fact that the year 2012, when added together (2+0+1+2), also equals 5, is just another reason why it was the perfect date for them!

Thanks to Heather Bee Photo for submitting this beautiful Maryland wedding via Two Bright Lights.

Andrea & Patrick’s Classic, Vintage Inspired Maryland Wedding at the Villa



Photographer: Heather Bee Photography | Hair Stylist:My Mobile Salon | Caterer: Catering By Uptown| Floral Designer:  Amaryllis Inc. | Reception Venue:  The Villa | Cinema and Video:  Blue Sky Films | Submitted: Two Bright Lights

How they met:

They both had met through two friends who happened to be twins.  Carmen (one of the twins) met Andrea at Marymount University and Freddy (the other twin) had been best friends with Patrick since High School.  Both Carmen and Freddy had been begging Andrea and Patrick to join them in a weekend trip to a family friend’s Lake House over a July weekend.  It just so happened that Andrea and Patrick did not want to go.  They had been begged by their friends and eventually both gave in and went along.


It was at Carmen and Freddy’s house where Andrea had first met Patrick before heading to the Lake House.  They both had laid eyes on each other and thought the other was attractive.  The spent the weekend at the Lake House with their friends laughing, playing, and getting well to know the other person.  Since then they have been inseparable and the rest is history.



On their wedding theme:

Our Wedding theme was “Classical/Elegant” and style was “Vintage”.  I read in some bridal magazine choosing a theme/style for a wedding makes the rest of the wedding planning easier/smoother.  It took me a while to choose what our theme/style should be until Patrick told me “well look at your ring.   It’s ‘vintage’ as you wanted.”  Patrick reminded me how much I liked vintage and that is how he got me a “vintage” ring.


Since the venue was located in Maryland and we lived in Virginia I decided to find a church in between – Washington DC (where Patrick was born and raised).  I am catholic and Patrick is not.  Patrick was willing to get married at a Catholic Church and let me get which ever church I choose.  When looking at Catholic Churches in DC I found this one which was small but yet extremely elegant/beautiful in the inside and it had the “Greek” feel I was looking for.




Click inside for the rest of Andrea & Patrick’s Maryland wedding from Heather Bee Photography!

The colors for the flowers at the church, centerpieces, bouquets, and around our cake/escort cards were mainly white with a hint of light pink. The colors of the bridesmaids were “tangelo” (light peach) since I was choosing Cinco De Mayo as our wedding date. The colors of the groomsmen were “light gray” because Patrick wanted something different than black suits and it also complimented well the bridesmaid dresses.



Friends & family involved in their wedding day:

Andrea’s Uncle, Andrea’s friend Carmen (who introduce her to Patrick), and Patrick’s sister read scriptures/passages at the ceremony.

Andrea’s bridesmaids consisted of her three cousins, Patrick’s sister, and Patrick’s sister-in-law. (andrea prefered family over friends as her bridesmaids) Andrea’s maid of honors were her two bestfriends. (andrea loved them both and wanted them both)

Patrick’s groomsmen consisted of his Childhood Friend, Andrea’s brother, Patrick’s brother-in-law, and three cousins. Patrick’s best men were his brother and his best friend (andrea had two so Patrick had to have two as well)


Patrick and I first booked our venue before anything else.  I truly love museums and wanted to have a reception in one of them but had no idea it was about “10,000.00” just to rent the location which museums call it “DONATION”.  When looking at museum weddings online I came across this one very popular catering company which caters lots of museum events as well as presidential events.

I made an appointment with them which is who have told me how crazy it would be to have a reception at a museum.  By setting up an appointment with this catering company we met at their headquarters which we INSTANTLY fell in love with and luckily they held wedding events there as well.  Therefore we had our venue and catering company all booked at once.



DIY & Handmade Details:

Andrea and Patrick created/printed out all the invitations, ceremony programs, escort cards, menus, and thank you cards.  Andrea’s cousins helped pass out the ceremony programs at the church.

Andrea’s Father made the “I DO” wood letters which were displayed next to the wedding cake.  He also made the “Mr” and “Mrs” wood letters .which were placed on the sweetheart table.  Andrea’s aunts helped by covering all the letters with glitter to make it have the “Vintage/Elegant” Look.





Andrea and Patrick also got two birdcages and decorated them for one “Cards” (so guests would leave them Cards) and the second for “Advice and Wishes for the Bride and Groom”.

Andrea and her mom went to Party Depot to get all the favors and placed them all in little bags.  Andrea’s mom also made the garter for the wedding.  One of Andrea’s friends helped Andrea bedazzled her wedding shoes with little crystals only on the heels and a few on the front of the shoes.



Congratulations Andrea & Patrick! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful wedding details with us! A special thanks again to Heather Bee Photo for sharing her images and for submitting via Two Bright Lights.



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