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Kicking off April the right way, with a Ska wedding music & playlist guest post from Maggie Winters Photography, or as Maggie calls it, a “Skawesome Playlist”.

From Maggie:

Not only is ska the best music of all time (I’m only a little opinionated here), it’s great for inducing happiness and awesome wacky dancing. Let’s face it: skanking would make epic wedding photos. Epic.

People of all ages love ska–your grandparents will totally skank with you. If they do, please please send photos.

Starting with some lovey dovey songs, pretty, happy–some craziness and goofy ones in the middle–and an epic end (SB6 hell yes!). Enjoy!

Check out this awesome ska wedding playlist & then click inside for a copy of the songs via Grooveshark!

Thrill Me Up // The Toasters

The loviest of love songs. Buck has a romantic-y voice. First dance song?!

Moment // The Pietasters

I don’t know why this isn’t the #1 love song of all time. It’s hard to write about ska because it so amazingly beautifully happy and awesome and writing does not include a horns section. If the first one wasn’t your first dance, this one totally is.

Special Brew // Bad Manners

Beer, love, trumpets, ya know. The live version.

Truly Madly Deeply // The Dualers

The Dualers are this awesome little ska/reggae band over in music paradise (London) who play on the streets all the time. Their cover of this song is amazing. So much love!

Click inside for the rest of this ‘skawesome’ ska wedding song playlist from Maggie Winters Photography!




Stuff // MU330

“I’m just so tired of romance

I just want to get in your pants

I just want to feel on your stuff”

Every playlist needs some goofy. Enough said.

Till The End of Time // The Scofflaws

“Don’t you know I’m the only one who really loves you, you big dummy!

The Way You Do The Things You Do // UB40

A classic!

(Dawning of a) New Era // The Specials

…just like a wedding right?!

Dig That Groove Baby // The Toy Dolls

Let all that married giddiness out!

All In // Sonic Boom Six feat. Coolie Ranx

End with epic awesome.

If you’re not grinning after listening to this set you’re probably dead. PICKITUP!

*** A chance to get Maggie Winters Photography to shoot your wedding at a serious discount alert ***

(As some of you may know, I have a standing ska discount. If you hire any of the bands on this playlist to play your wedding, there’s an automatic half off–maybe more–for photography from yours truly. This is my largest and most skawesome discount.)


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