Another Christmas holiday has come and gone – I cannot believe it.

We will be back to regular posting next week, but for the rest of this week I thought I would share some highlights from my 2012 Holiday Break in New Jersey with my family and then close out the week with my “Best Of” 2012 Engagements and Weddings features tomorrow and Friday.

My holiday break started with our annual drive to New Jersey. Sadie wanted to make sure we didn’t forget her, so while Andy & I relaxed a bit with a movie the night before our drive, Sadie took a snooze in my duffel bag:

We arrived in New Jersey and soon after started reading tweets of the snow hitting DC. I was SO BUMMED that DC was getting snow and that I wasn’t. But then – just like in my favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas, snow came to NJ too!! It was the perfect amount.

I love going to my parents house for Christmas – my mom always has the best decorations. Here is a shot of all our stockings hung on the stairs (we have always done stairs instead of the fireplace for some reason).

There were multiple rounds of intense Wii Sports tournaments held. I forgot how good Andy was at Wii Sports.

This year we waited for almost all the Harrison kids to be home to “trim the tree”.

On Christmas Eve, instead of falling asleep in front of a movie – we spiced things up with playing “Minute to Win It” games with the family. It got pretty competitive and intense, but it was also TONS of fun.

Here is my brother trying to stack as many cups as her can in a minute … with just one hand! [Notice the full bottle of wine in his other hand hahaha!]

On Christmas Day we traveled to Andy’s sisters house to spend time with his family. Here we got to meet our new niece, Eleanor.

Andy was a natural with little Ella.

After Christmas we headed out to Deep Creek MD to celebrate the new year with some of our best high school friends. Deep Creek had about a foot of snow and next to no plowing … we actually had to walk up a huge hill a few times with our stuff because the cars couldn’t make it.

Regardless, the view from our lake house was STUNNING:

And then it was over. Our 2012 and holiday break has come to an end. HOWEVER we already have SO MANY amazing things on the horizon for 2013. We have 4 weddings to work this year, and 4 to attend. We are hosting our very first “wedding vendor day of service” and will tentatively be speaking at a Two Bright Lights bootcamp in Baltimore.

We have trips to Vermont and Mexico planned already and are hoping to go to San Francisco this year for our anniversary.

We also officially signed up for our very first half-marathon! Something Andy and I always wanted to do before we turned 30. So here goes nothing …. bring it on 2013!




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