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  1. This sounds like so much fun and would be so special to us as we are not doing engagement photos. I have two ideas:

    1) My fiance Brian and I met at the Pentagon, where we both work on Middle East Policy. We feel incredibly indebted to the military leaders who helped us get our jobs and have made sure that we understand how the work we do in our little cubes in the Pentagon affect actual lives of U.S. military men and women working in the field, far from home. So my first idea is a photo shoot at the war memorials and statues and other sites around DC that honor our troops.

    2) Brian is absolutely obsessed with Mad Men and, if he had his way, would decorate our entire home in a mid-century modern style and only host parties w/ Mad Men themes. So a real treat for him would be a Mad Men styled shoot so he could dress up like Don Draper and have a “Betty” for a day.

    Thank you!

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