“Jess and Jeff wanted their wedding to be a party in all senses of the word, and they definitely succeeded!”


That was one of the main words that Andy & I kept coming back to when we started thinking about the type of wedding we wanted to have. We are fun people – we like fun, and the reception is supposed to be a celebration. So, let’s make our wedding FUN!

Ever since then, I have found myself gravitating towards couples that have that similar vibe and vision for their wedding. Fortunately Jen + Ashley Photography submitted this awesomely fun Richmond, VA to me via Two Bright Lights … and yes, it’s a FUN wedding.

 Jess & Jeff’s Modern Purple & Black Wedding in Richmond, Virginia


Photography: Jen + Ashley Photography 

Event Coordination + Design: Christine Rice with RSVP Consultants

Venue: Main Street Station – Richmond, VA

Florals: The Green Flamingo

Catering: White House Catering

Shoes: Miu Miu

Dress: Pronovias 

Makeup/Hair: Faces by Joy

DJ: Steven Carpenter

From the photographers, Jen + Ashley:

Did they have gorgeous details? Yep! Their wedding was elegant, gorgeous, and so classy. Main Street Station provided the perfect background- historic, classy, interesting and unique. But they also had something which I think can get so lost during the craziness and pressure of planning a perfect wedding…FUN.

Jess + Jeff (or “Jeffica” as their friends affectionately call them) set out with two things in mind for their wedding day. Getting married (duh), and having fun.

About the couple:

Jeff and I actually both went to Rutgers, but we didn’t meet until two years post-undergrad at a mutual friend’s birthday party in New York City! He went to HS senior prom with her (platonically), she was my friend from college…and fate took care of the rest in December of 2006 :)

Jeff and I are always on a mission to let loose and enjoy our time with friends.

About their wedding:

We were determined to make our wedding personal, unique and nothing but fun for our guests.

From our program teaching guests how to pronounce words in Hebrew (pretend like you’re hocking a loogie!)  to cake “shots” instead of a formal wedding cake, we wanted to show everyone that our wedding could be personal and heartfelt but silly and fun all at the same time.

The biggest compliment we’ve received from our friends is that our wedding “couldn’t have been anyone elses…it was so personal and so ‘Jeffica.'”

That, and our playlist of 90s hip hop kept EVERYONE on the floor all night!


Click inside for the rest of this fun & modern wedding in Richmond, VA ~ including all the unique wedding details at the ceremony & reception!

More from Jess on the vibe of their wedding:

I’ve always wanted my wedding to be oozing with personality and super unique, but not in in an overwhelmingly crazy way. Our goal was for all night, people to be saying “GAHH that is so fun, I’ve never seen that before!” While I know that everyone will compliment your wedding no matter how it actually goes down, everyone that did come up to me after said that it was “so us,” and that’s all I could ever ask for.

The most important part of your wedding was?

Aside from our AMAZING vendors, I think the station [the venue] itself really helped dictate the vibe. Once we booked it, the vintage, old timey glam just came right along with it. We also wanted it to be very intimate and personal…everyone who attended is very dear to our hearts, and they all know that we like to have fun and not have a super formal, serious evening.

Doing all of that through the lens of the station (e.g., our train ticket saves, the welcome table, etc) helped make it seamless theme throughout the evening. We also loved that the location helped sprinkle in a little southern charm. Being that most of our guests were from up north, it was a great way to switch things up from the typical Jersey wedding.

DIY Wedding Details:

We designed our own saves and invites (turned out great, but I don’t know if it was worth the hours of grief!), which was a great way to save money and maintain control.

My mom and Christine worked super hard on the welcome table, which was meant to look like a haphazard 1920s table of a couple who just arrived after a long trip.

The biggest DIY items, though, were the chuppah, centerpieces and runners, which were all made by hand from my amazingly talented mother in law.

The twinkly lights in the centerpieces set the perfect tone to the reception, and the chuppah flawlessly blended into the station and provided the perfect, romantic feel that we were going for.

We also made our programs, which was crucial as so many of our friends were new to the Jewish wedding scene. We wanted the program to make the ceremony fun and easy to understand as we know that portion of the wedding can be Snoozeville.

Our signature drink (the Scarlet Knight) was paying homage to our alma mater, Rutgers University

My dad was in charge of the parting gifts, and he made it super personal with bags of cookies from Panera (where he works) and cigars from both Richmond and Hoboken.

We tried to make cute poems and place them around the station to help clarify anything that could potentially be confusing for our guests.

We also had an extremely specific playlist as Jeff insisted upon having essentially all 90s hip hop.

Jess’ favorite part of her wedding day:

Aside from committing our lives to each other in front of our closest family and friends, we just loved surprising all of our guests and showing them a good time. Looking out at the tables and seeing no one sitting and everyone on the dance floor is exactly what we wanted, because that’s how we roll whenever we go out with our loved ones.

We loved the chance to dance, laugh and thank everyone for being such an important part of our lives.

Love this unique traditional wedding cake alternative:

Instead of a cake, we had shot glasses filled with our favorite cake flavors (lemon and carrot) as a shout out to Jeff’s passion for getting anyone and everyone shots whenever we go out :)

Congratulations Jess & Jeff ~ thank you so much for sharing your offbeat, personal Richmond wedding with us! A special thanks again to Jen + Ashley Photography & Two Bright Lights for making this Virginia Weddings feature possible!



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