As promised, we are back with Part 2 of Sarah & Steve’s awesomely offbeat Maryland wedding, which took place at Ripken Stadium! The ceremony in Part 1 dazzled us with custom vows and the groom entering from the bullpen, to ACDC. Part 2 showcases the couple’s awesome detail skills with vintage baseball playing cards as escort cards, big league chew, and more!

Sarah & Steve’s Offbeat, Baseball-Themed Maryland Wedding ~ Part 2

The bride Sarah shares her thoughts on mismatched groomsmen and mismatched bridesmaids attire:

Clearly, this was not a black tie affair so we tried to keep things quirky and fun.  Our groomsmen all wore mismatched grey suits and black chucks.  We had our two best men’s chucks embroidered with “Best Man” and my husband’s said “Groom.”

I still wanted romantic elements to the wedding though.  My husband allowed me to use the soft colors I love so I let my bridesmaids choose their own dresses in the shades of pale pink, cream, and tan.  All but two of the dresses came from Modcloth.

love these adorable, fun baseball-inspired wedding party pictures! bridesmaids blowing bubble gum and the groomsmen pouring gatorade on the groom. awesome.

Clearly the entire bunch was having a TON of fun with their wedding party pictures ~ I don’t blame them. Plus, I always feel that natural laughter like this, makes for much better pictures than the posed stuff!

Click inside for the rest of Part 2 of Sarah & Steve’s offbeat, baseball themed Maryland wedding, including tons of DIY wedding details!

The reception was upstairs in the club level and we saved a ton of money by doing a lot of DIY.

those awesome vintage baseball card escort cards that were DIYed by the groom!

My mother saved us a ton of money by baking our wedding cake and making 140 cupcakes for our guests.

That is SOME Mom! I think my mom would have thought I was insane if I had asked her to make our cake and 140 cupcakes before the wedding :)

My mother-in-law sewed all of our linens and we varied the tables with pale pink, tea stain, and cream overlays.  She also makes her own jam and had a ton of mason jars that we used for our centerpieces.

We also incorporated the vintage element by having a candy buffet filled with penny candies from the 40’s and 50’s (along with Cracker Jacks and Big League Chew).

love this offbeat guestbook idea, perfect for a baseball themed wedding ~ sign a baseball uniform!

SO much love and laughter in this adorable shots from their first dance

this looked like QUITE the reception party too! plus, i OF COURSE love that Sarah put on chucks for the reception!

I can honestly say that I was nervous that when everything came together it would look chintzy, but it turned out absolutely perfect.  The wedding was very “us” down to every last detail and our guests definitely noticed all of the personal touches.  It was an amazing night!

Congratulations Sarah & Steve! Thank you for sharing your amazing, offbeat Maryland wedding with us! Your vintage, baseball-themed wedding was stunning and looked like a TON of fun!



  1. Thank you so much for sharing! It was an amazing day.

    Oh, and we are always down for new BFF’s! <3

  2. So we’re doing a much more toned-down sports theme wedding, but I had the idea of doing something similar with the escort cards. Is there any way I can get in touch with the groom to see how he did it? If you can help, please contact me at mbetush@ gmail. com (no spaces)

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