Excuse me while I fangirl over this amazing offbeat Baltimore, MD wedding that Voula Trip Photography submitted to me on Two Bright Lights.

*FAN GIRLS* [I am not even certain what this action would be]

Harmonie & Vi’s wedding was awesome; inspiring, offbeat, eclectic, and 100% their own. It included custom vows, a TON of DIY, a rainbow color palette, lightbulb wedding design & motif, and an industrial wedding venue that included an umbrella chandelier. Yes, a chandelier full of lit-up umbrellas was present at this wedding.

And now you know why I am fan-girling ;)


Reception Venue:  Gutierrez Studios
Dress Designer:  Maggie Sottero
Ceremony Location:  The Village Church

From the photographer:

One of the first things that Harmonie said to me in our initial conversation was that people were describing her as very untraditional.

Their wedding was very DIY.

how much do i love the bride’s blue flats? oh … ever so much!

Harmonie’s Aunt Kim, a hair-stylist from Toronto did the bride’s hair and also did all the bridal bouquets and the flower arrangements at the reception.

love this french braid bridal hairstyle!

Harmonie & Vi’s church reminds me so much of the non-denominational one Andy & I found in DC! A perfect place when you want to “create your own” wedding ceremony like Harmonie & Vi did!

Both Harmonie and Vi are Vietnamese, but Harmonie’s family are Buddhists and Vi’s family is Catholic. The couple decided to create their own ceremony. Instead of a unity candle the bride and groom decided to plant seeds of a tree to symbolize their future growth together.

They both wrote their own vows and read them to each other. After their vows they then read a second set of vows to each other that their friends and family took part in writing for them.

Yet again – another couple that wrote their own wedding vows – and just look at the natural emotion that comes from it! Also love the absolute family involvement of having your friends/family help write a SECOND set of vows! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Really love brides with chunky statement necklaces !

Click inside for the rest of Harmonie & Vi’s amazing, offbeat, industrial Baltimore MD wedding ~ including shots of some seriously awesome personalized wedding details AND that umbrella chandelier that I have been fawning over for weeks!

Instead of the traditional one color selection for the bridesmaids, Harmonie choose a rainbow color palette allowing each of the girls to choose their own dress and color. Their bouquets matched their dresses and the groomsmen paired with the bridesmaids matched the color of their tie to the dresses.

look how awesome their rainbow colored wedding party looks!

can you believe these rainbow colored bouquets were DIYed by Harmonie’s Aunt!?

Now onto the details of this amazing, offbeat Baltimore, MD wedding venue … including the now infamous Umbrella Chandelier!

The reception was held at Gutierrez Studios in the Clipper Mills area of Baltimore. During the day the studio is used to create beautiful custom designed metal and wood furniture, and at night they clear the floor and set up receptions for different events.

 The decor at the reception was all made and designed by the couple. The couple had custom printed glasses with their wedding design for all their guests as favors. Instead of the traditional guest book guests used a typewriter to leave messages.

talk about an Industrial Wedding – look at all that metal surrounding the couple’s reception entrance! COOL!

OMG this signage!!! Bricks, flowers, a vintage lightbulb and the couples name in wire. Going nuts over here for this!

the industrial typewriter for an alternative guest book!

 a shot of the couple’s customized glasses for their favor. in love with the lightbulb icon for their wedding designs & the industrial, typewriter font

i cannot reiterate enough how COOL this venue is – just look at all that ah-mazing industrial decor

oh what the heck – here is another shot of the umbrella chandelier

ooooomg – the sketched graphic of the couple gliding via umbrella, Mary Poppins style!? yes yes yes!

And just like that, all good things must come to an end – as does one of my favorite offbeat wedding features to date [yes, like ever on my blog!]. I cannot thank Harmonie & Vi enough for sharing their offbeat, industrial wedding with us and of course I also need to thank Maryland Wedding Photographer, Voula Trip Photography [via Two Bright Lights] for sharing her beautiful images with us!



  1. yup – awesomeness – just as I suspected. That sneak peek had me on the edge of my seat and def did not let me down! Banging set up!

  2. Awesome shots from our friends Voula Trip & Rene Garcia!! We haven’t had the pleasure of shooting a wedding with them yet, but we know the chance is coming up soon. We highly recommend Voula Trip Photography and Rene Garcia!!

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