Our DIY origami flower bouquet tutorial and our paper flower tutorial are two of our most popular posts on the site. So when I came across a real wedding, from talented wedding photographer, Jillian McGrath Photography, that used paper flowers instead of real flowers, among other gorgeous, hande wedding decorations and details – I knew I just had to feature them on Inspiration Friday.

Ryan & Amanda’s Whimsical Vegan PA Wedding

Over on Jillian’s blog you can see the full set of Amanda & Ryans wedding pictures [and believe me, you will want to see these gorgeous images], but for today I wanted to focus specifically on all their gorgeous paper flower details, handmade decorations, and more!

Amanda shares why she decided to go flower-less for her bouquets & centerpieces:

Although flowers are gorgeous, I knew that I did not want flowers for the bouquets and centerpieces. The majority of cut flowers are not even locally grown. They come from other places miles and miles away, and in some cases from other countries.

I wanted to have a wedding with the least amount of carbon footprint as possible. I’m also not a fan of pesticides and it is very challenging to find organic and locally grown flowers. I remember reading that Valentine’s day alone accounts for tons of CO2 emissions which is equivalent to the yearly footprint of about 500 Americas. That’s not something I want to contribute to. ;) Also, I loved the idea of being able to keep the flowers as they will never die.

[However] there were some flowers there because my best friend Amanda actually ordered some flowers. I tried incorporating pumpkins [too] because they are seasonal in October.

Amanda & Ryan’s beautiful paper flowers were provided by Etsy shop artist, Danas Paper Flowers, but if you had the time you could make the flowers using our step-by-step origami paper flower or sheet music flower tutorials!

A special thanks again to Jillian McGrath Photography for sharing her beautiful detail images with us!

How adorable are these unique paper flower centerpieces?!

I also love the simple addition of wine bottles, pumpkins and wood hearts. Adorable handmade wedding centerpieces for sure!

Click inside for the rest of these gorgeous, handmade & flower-less paper wedding details & decorations from Jillian McGrath Photography!

Amanda’s friend made the beautiful origami paper cranes:

Love this adorable DIY paper wedding sign

Don’t forget to see the full set of Amanda & Ryan’s beautiful, handmade wedding over on Jillian’s blog! A special thanks again to Amanda for sharing some insight and for Jillian McGrath for sharing her beautiful images with us! Happy Inspiration Friday!




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