“Our love story is unique and quixotic…..we want to express that in our wedding theme and our lives as a couple.”

Remember that amazing offbeat steampunk brooch bouquet from our Steampunk Bridal Inspiration shoot?! Well, Always & Forever Brooch Bouquet [who is going to be at Borrowed on Sunday!!! ahh!!] is back with another amazing non-traditional, bouquet alternative ~ Venetian Masks.

When Natalie emailed me about this bride she had, that was asking her to make venetian masks for her and her bridesmaids to have instead of bouquets – I was excited to learn more.

Then, when I got the write-up from the bride, Lia, on why she decided to have her bridesmaids hold Venetian Masks instead of bouquets, I was so pumped. Everything she said about weddings and her wedding was EXACTLY what I believe and use as my mission for Capitol Romance.

From Lia:

We are both excited to showcase the beautiful masks, custom made by, Nathalie and show others that weddings do not have to be the same uninspired, dreary and boring premise. I hope to inspire other couples that they can dream beyond the usual and still have an exquisite as well as elegant affair.

Right … RIGHT?! Ok maybe I am more excited than other people might be, but this seriously made my week people ~ and was the exact email/insight I needed to hear from a real bride as I head to Borrowed this weekend :) Enjoy Lia’s beautiful Venetian Masks, her nontraditional bouquet alternative, made by Always & Forever Brooch Bouquets!

i love the brooches at the base of the mask ~ gorgeous!

this will be the bride’s venetian mask of course!

and now for the venetian masks for the Bridesmaids!!

More about how Lia & her husband met:

I met my fiance, Courtney, while on vacation on a cruise back in 1998, while on spring break from medical school. He is from Montreal, Quebec, with a Jamaican ethnic background, and I am from North Carolina. Ilike to refer to him as “My Janadian”.

During our encounter on the ship, we both flirted with one another and promised to stay in touch as we sadly went back to our respective countries. At the time, we always knew that we had a connection….something that we have always explained as mysterious love. We only got a chance to spend 4 days with one another, however, it was the best 4 days of our romantic lives. Due to other commitments in life, we didn’t meet again, until 2008, when life allowed us to reconnect. After 2 years of dating cross country, we decided to take our long distance relationship to the next level. In 2010, Courtney proposed to me, while we were vacationing in the Dominican Republic. It was such a well planned surprise proposal! After a couple of months went by, we then began to plan our wedding event.

A bit more on why they chose the venetian masks as their bouquet alternative:

Both of us have an appreciation of art and unique things…..and, we knew that our wedding could be nothing less than incomparable and exclusive. I have always loved splashes of color and bling and have always incorporated in everything that I wear and do. So, for the wedding, we decided to celebrate our magic and mystique love with custom made masks that give both an essence of romance and mystery.

My bridesmaids will walk down the aisle with their beautiful masks and flirt with the guests as well as the groomsmen, by revealing parts of their lovely faces. This will make everyone excited as most people love the feeling of curiosity. As for me, during the reception, I will also wear my wedding mask and also flirt with my husband and engage the guests with my playfulness. We also bought over 200 hundred assorted masks with feathers, jewels, as well as other fabrics and decor for all of our guests to wear.

Thank you so much Lia for sharing your amazing love story, bouquet alternatives, and reasoning for having venetian masks for you and your bridesmaids at your wedding. I seriously cannot wait to see your wedding pictures! A special thanks to Always & Forever Brooch bouquet for the pictures!

What do you think? Would you do something this nontraditional or offbeat for your wedding? I love it!


  1. Lia has always loved, the fabulous, unique and brilliant things of life, which she playfully describes as “sexy!” Lia who is both my sister in law and a great friend views herself as a person who is “one with the universe,” which I personally think is a modest way of saying that she is a star!

  2. Lia’s sense of style is so unique and diva-esque that my 4 year old daughter refers to her as “the beautiful lady”. She always catches me saying “wow” when I see her artistry come alive. Having known her for the past 8 years, she is the one and only DIVA!

  3. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the DIVA herself as to have something so unique and full of color and bling involved in her most special day! I am sure the rest of this amazing couple’s special day will shine and sparkle just as they do together.
    Best wishes for a long and blessed life together as no two better people deserve the love.and happiness as these two do!

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