Good morning! BRRRR it is cold out here in Washington, DC this morning – everyone was getting used to sandals, shorts, and sunglasses and then boom – hello there 39 degrees!

Anyway, Charm City Cakes sent me their new 2012 Summer Collection that they debuted this past weekend! Charm City Cakes are going to be at Borrowed this Sunday too ~ so I couldn’t resist in sharing some of their new, amazing, GORGEOUS, wedding cakes [is it odd to call a wedding cake gorgeous? I am unsure].

Charm City Cakes rock. I mean, it just doesn’t get much cooler or unique when it comes to wedding cakes. The entire line-up will be public soon [that’s right, you are all getting some special treatment, getting to view these cakes before the ‘masses’] – but I couldn’t resist at sharing some of my favorites!

Enjoy this sneak peak at some pretty exclusive wedding cakes!

this one is my absolute favorite ~ i think its the bright colors

What do you think?! It was SO DIFFICULT to just pick some ~ there are a ton more awesome, creative wedding cakes from Charm City Cakes‘ Spring 2012 collection … just wait until you see the rest!



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