Look #6: Offbeat Bridal Inspiration

We did it – we made it to Friday and saved our absolute best look, for last. I just couldn’t be a part of a bridal inspiration styled shoot that didn’t have offbeat brides included. If you have read my blog for a while then you know [because I often say it] that I am just crazy about Offbeat Brides.  The Original Offbeat Bride blog/tribe was my bible when I planned my own wedding. I love seeing brides [& grooms!] that dare to be different, take nerd chic to the next level, and overall have a TON of fun.

That being said, Leanne absolutely rocked our Offbeat Bride look. Hot pink hair? Check.  Tattoos? Check. A non-floral bouquet? Check. A polka dot wedding dress? Check… and it just keeps getting better from there [especially considering the amazing graffiti wall we found behind Longview Gallery].

Introducing some seriously offbeat wedding inspiration to the Washington, DC area … our Offbeat Bride, Look #6!

Vendor Listing

Venue: Longview Gallery, Washington DC

Dress:Blush Bridal Boutique

Bouquet: Capitol Romance’s own tulle & ornament wedding bouquet!

Poster Design & Printing: Hitchcock Creative

Vintage Wedding Hairpiece: My Bridal Gems [available for purchase!]

Hair: Krstyal Morant

Makeup: Kira Sanders

Model: Leanne Hundley


My favorite poster – maybe because I wrote the content? Or maybe ’cause I just love the mismatched fonts, and the bright pink & orange colors?

i love the dramatic smokey eye that Bridal Beauty Associates put on Leanne. LOVE

a bride with tattoos … my favorite

Leanne rocked my offbeat tulle & ornament bouquet [which my mom lovingly made]

how much do I love this polka dot wedding dress? … like SO freakin’ much!

enter amazing wall of graffiti

and some serious “Top Model” posing … like no joke, Tyra would be so proud

Some dude was watching us during the shoot and Leanne shot him this look. hilarious.

*A reminder that this styled shoot was a collaboration between Bridal Beauty Associates, Abby Grace Photography, & Capitol Romance *

What do you think of our tattooed, offbeat bridal inspiration!? Did you love it as much as I did!? Can someone in Washington, DC please have a wedding like this … please!?


  1. I love it! She makes me want to go dye my hair pink right now. And if you had told me about a polka dot wedding dress, I might have been like “eh” but seeing this, it’s totally awesome. This is so fun!

  2. AH! This is AMAZING. I love this look so much. And those eyes – she’s absolutely stunning!

    Bree/Abby/Bridal Beauty Associates: You totally rock. This week’s set of shoots/looks were so, so fabulous and off-the-charts awesome. <3

  3. This is so fabulous! I love the poster, and it’s difficult to tell but is that a “hidden Mickey” watch? Maybe I’m just too Disney obsessed, but I could swear it looks like Mickey! ^_^

  4. I love the bouquet with the dress…it looked great….you are still my favorite off beat bride….love u

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