Before we unleash the amazingess of our last Bridal Inspiration look on you tomorrow [hint: it’s the Offbeat look and it is fantastic], I wanted to spend a quick post on the amazing vendors that came together to make it possible. I also wanted to notify & remind you of some pretty awesome deals associated with the vendors in this shoot!

hey look! it’s me, Suzanne, & Abby!

First & foremost, this shoot wouldn’t have been possible without Suzanne Minskey & Krystal Morant and the entire Bridal Beauty Associates Team. Suzanne was the one that had approached me about the shoot concept in the first place. Her and Krystal were also instrumental in gathering the wedding dresses, accessories, florals vendor, and models.

Additionally they spent the entire day of the shoot making our models look insanely stunning.

Secondly, my partner in crime, Ms Abby Grace Photography. As without her, we would not have had anything to take away from our shoot! Her images so perfectly captured each of our looks and she is just such a talent behind the lens.

[insert picture of Abby being an AMAZING wedding photographer here. naturally she was unable to take pictures of herself working!]

Thirdly, our major vendors. Emily from Love Blooms [stay tuned for more on Emily & her awesome, budget-friendly floral design business], Sarah with Hitchcock Creative [I cannot wait to frame/hang the posters in Capitol Romance HQ], Blush Bridal Boutique dress shop, and Suzi & Siobhan with Longview Gallery [one of my most favoritest alternative wedding venues in Washington, DC!].

So now that I have thanked everyone again I wanted to share a few deals that you might be interested in after seeing the amazing work Bridal Beauty Associates does! Turns out Suzanne and her team have been offering special pricing for Capitol Romance readers for a bit of time now – but I wanted to re-highlight this special offer!

Secondly, if you loved the hair accessories used in our Bridal Inspiration Shoot looks – you can purchase them all on the My Bridal Gems website. And here is the “deal” part ~ if you Like Bridal Beauty Associate’s Facebook page, there is a $10 off coupon on the top of the page!

And now I leave you with my favorite “Behind the Scenes” shot of the day – all of the Bridal Beauty Associates Team fawning over how GORGEOUS Suzanne looked as our Vintage Bride!

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