For most people this song will make you think of Dirty Dancing [I am assuming]. But for me, and many other Penn State alums, this song will bring us right to the 3rd quarter of home PSU Football games.

If you follow me on twitter, than you will not be surprised to find that I am a very proud Penn State alum. And while, I realize that a wedding blog isn’t necessarily the forum to share personal things about myself – it’s my blog and I do think it’s OK to be personal sometimes – it is what makes my blog unique [or so I tell myself] and hopefully helps me connect to my readers.

As I am sure most of you are aware, the PSU Community lost a member of our family this weekend, a very important member, quite possibly someone that most of us would say, was like a grandparent to us. And while I continue to attempt to put into words how much Joe Pa meant to me, and continue to grapple with making Non-Penn Staters understand why I am so upset when I had never even met this man, I will attempt to use music to bring me some sort of understanding, peace, and calm.

“Hey, Hey Baby (ooh, ahh)

I want to know, if you’ll be my girl”

Love you Joe! Hope you rest in peace – you gave our University so much more than a football team.

[Me & My younger brother at his PSU Graduation]

*Thanks for sticking with me guys – and letting me get this out a bit. xo


  1. i went to college in south where football reigns supreme… i was heart broken when larry munson (playbyplay anouncer) passed last year at 85 and even from time to time i can still hear him say when UGA beat Tennessee…”We just stepped on their face with a hobnail boot and broke their nose. We just crushed their face”

  2. I am not a PSU alum…but understand COMPLETELY how Bree feels…Penn State will never be the same…here’s to JoePa….he will be at every game in spirit…

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