” 7th Avenue Films: I have one word for the professionals of 7th Avenue Films: PASSION.”

Warning, the wedding video you are about to see from Washington, DC videographers, Seventh Avenue Films, is truly amazing. This wedding video is unlike any I have ever seen before! The film is so crisp and clear and the way it’s shot/edited ~ it’s like watching a movie trailer !!

Seventh Avenue Films was on location for Serena & Ahmed’s beautiful, traditional 3-day wedding across MD, VA, and Washington, DC. The ceremony and reception were rich with tradition, color, lots of dancing and wonderful people.

We hope to get to share some pictures and details from this gorgeous, cultural wedding as well! But for now, sit back, relax and enjoy the wedding video.

Ahmed & Serena || Wedding Trailer from Seventh Avenue Films on Vimeo.

Serena share with us her review of working with Seventh Avenue Films ~ it was wayyyy too good not to share:

 7th Avenue Films: I have one word for the professionals of 7th Avenue Films, PASSION.

These guys were so great to work with, not just because of their amazing talent, skill, and equipment, but because they are young and passionate. Its very rare to find a wedding vendor that has not be tainted or jaded by the wedding industry. So when we found this young group of guys whom genuinely cared to be the best at what they do, it, actually, made me tear up. It took me back to the days when I was full of passion and hope and drive to accomplish my dreams, almost a revitalization, if you will.

They took the time to talk to us, listen to our cultural needs, our equipment and angle suggestions, and more importantly, they asked questions to really capture our personalities throughout the process. The result really speaks for itself because it embodies their talent, artistic and yet  tactical range, as well as a level of professionalism that is rare to the cinematography field of the DC area.



  1. This video was beautiful.
    It made tears come out.!
    This video really isn’t like any regualr wedding video. It looks like a lot of commitment was put into it.

    Great Work.!

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