Looking for the perfect, modern engagement or wedding gift? Well, Etsy seller AHeirloom, has you covered.

AHeirloom ~ Making it digital and heartwarming since 2010

A couple weekends ago, I attended my bestest friends’ engagement party in Philadelphia, and I already knew what I had planned on getting them ~ the wood cutting board [also makes a great cheese plate/board] shaped like Pennsylvania. AHeirloom also carves a heart over your city of choice, and I also got my friends’ wedding dte carved into the bottom left of the board.

My friends told me it was their favorite [and best] engagement present they received! SUCCESS!

I just wanted to mention [before I showcase some of the awesome states/products AHeirloom makes] that I really find it important to support local artists [including Etsy artists, even if they aren’t local to you, they are small business owners] for your wedding. Besides all the cultural/societal ramifications of supporting local/small businesses, it really is the perfect way to get custom, PERSONALIZATION into your wedding. I have yet to meet an Etsy seller that didn’t brighten my day with a personalized note, or thank you for buying their products. And I loved ALL the things I bought for my own wedding from Etsy sellers.

Ok, enough preaching for a Friday. Basically, go check out AHeirloom and if you need an engagement gift, gift for a bridal shower, or even a wedding gift ~ and you want something useful, creative AND personal, be sure to check out these awesome state shaped wood cutting boards!

[Oklahoma State Wood Cutting Board]

In addition to US States, they also do some regional shapes AND some European country shaped cutting boards!!

[Brooklyn Shaped Cutting Board]

Ok I couldn’t resist … Hawaii cracks me up … so many little wood pieces!

[Hawaii Shaped Wood Cutting Board]

A close-up of the heart carving

[AHeirloom Heart Carved into State Shaped Wood Cutting Board]

Let us know if you end up getting this as a gift for someone! You won’t be sorry :) Have a great weekend everyone, we will be back Monday with some Halloween-inspired weddings & music!


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