So on Twitter lately I have been seeing a ton of stuff about thisRunning of the Brides” thing … where apparently teams of women camp out, mob a store and run around like crazies so that they can get designer wedding dresses at cheap prices.

I am not entirely sure why, but I just can’t get on board with this madness. Maybe because designer anything just doesn’t appeal to me, or maybe because I don’t understand the reasoning behind paying ridiculous amounts for a dress you will wear once.

So for those of you that feel like me, I thought I would share an alternative, super budget-friendly, idea for your wedding dress …. using a white or ivory bridesmaids dress instead [insane relay race of trying-on optional]. Check out some suggestions for this affordable wedding dress option. I’d say you would never even know that these dresses are for the maids instead of the bride!

Remember Meghan’s beautiful one-shoulder number from her handmade Baltimore wedding? Yup – that’s a white bridesmaid dress!

A beautiful ivory with black sash dress from Aria

[Aria style 162, $225!]

Two beautiful white bridesmaids dresses from The Dessy Group, Social Bridesmaids

[Social Bridesmaids style 8106]

[Social Bridesmaids style 8100]

this Alred Sung number in Champagne is gorgeous

[Alfred Sung style D497]

I love this one shoulder, with flowers along the neckline dress from Lela Rose

[Lela Rose style LX128]

 A chic & sleek white bridesmaids dress from Bill Levkoff

[Bill Levkoff style 526]

Pockets!!! This white bridesmaids dress from Alfred Angelo has pockets … in love

[Alfred Angelo style 7183]

Let me know if you used a white or ivory bridesmaids dress for your wedding dress! I see it as a great alternative and super budget-friendly way to save some money with your wedding budget … but maybe you don’t agree? Either way, let us know!



  1. Ooh, I love that Lela Rose dress! And the champagne one right above it. So pretty! And I don’t think Icould do the Running of the Brides thing because once you turn something into a competition, I get FIERCE. I know I’d probably end up punching another overzealous bride in the face or something, and then end up feeling REALLY bad about it later. lol

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