Certain types of weather call for certain types of albums or music. Is this just me? Or are there others of you out there who get an itch when certain temperatures, humidity, or cloudiness, arise, that cause you to run to your iPod and put on a very specific album to scratch it?

Ok, maybe it is just me.

Anyway, this cooler weather made me crave one very specific singer [like, on repeat lately], that resulted in my suggestion for today’s Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck, alternative wedding song suggestion.

Frank Turner‘s “To Take You Home“:

But honey I was lonely on the road, I was all on my own
Hanging outside at the back of a death metal show
I saw you standing there with your hair down low
A kink in your step that made me want to know
If you would like to take me home
Who’d of thought that a French kiss from a Parisian girl could capture an English boy

I’d say this could work for your modern cocktail hour mix, a folk inspired first dance song (it’s short! so especially if you aren’t a good dancer), or again, for the background of your wedding video. Let me know if you think of any other ideas ~ otherwise, just be sure to check out Frank Turner in general. He is a music god.

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