Thursday! We are ALMOST there people (to Friday of course!). Hopefully this adorably sweet & simple Sugarloaf Mountain wedding in Maryland from the ever-so-amazing Washington, DC wedding photographer, Amber of Live It Out Photography will help you make it through your day … and one step closer to the weekend!

 Michael & Veronica’s serene Mountain wedding

From Amber:

these two were married in the mountains of maryland (yes maryland has mountains) behind the historic comus inn. michael wore the vintage suit his father wore when he was married…he even wore the same shoes! veronica rocked an adorable, vintage-inspired dress perfect for summer. the setting was so beautiful – just rolling hills and mountains and an old barn with little built-in bird houses and twinkly lights. it was pretty perfect. picture perfect, one might say. get it? you get it.

Veronica’s beautiful eyelet, tea-length wedding dress, with that powder blue crinoline peaking out the bottom, is just GORGEOUS! It’s like vintage, prairie house-chic or something… and I LOVE that Michael wore his father’s wedding suit & shoes. so touching.

I love these rustic, somewhat dilapidated buildings ~ gives this wedding such a true vintagey vibe

See! Amber was right … Mountains in Maryland.

Read more to see the rest of Michael & Veronica’s beautiful, simply elegant, pale blue wedding in the Maryland mountains!

Love the simple “DIY Wedding Altar” that this couple had setup! See, that is all you need!


Beautiful & soft pale blue bridesmaids dresses


Hah! love the expression on their faces.

 Totally mesmerizing shot, a big wedding kiss with the mountains watching  in the background!

 Ok, these next three shots of the Wedding Party’s recessional Absolutely hysterical & I just love EVERYTHING about the wild & craziness & FUN that is happening in these pictures.

Best wedding party shots, ever? Right? They rival our “wedding party chaos” shots that we did :)

 Simple & elegant. Love these vintage place settings at the reception and soft blue & pink floral centerpieces. I mean, this just yodels vintage!

 Ok, we all know how I feel about chandeliers in wedding reception tents. 100% Obsession. LOVE.

Michael & Veronica’s adorable wedding favors

 I really dig this shot Amber got of the schedule/playlist for the reception!!


 Some better shots of Veronica’s summery eyelet, vintage-inspired wedding dress & Michael’s truly vintage (his dad’s!) groom suit.

 If you knew Amber … you would see her in these next two shots, even though she took the picture & is not in it at all. This is 100% her & I love it.


Great shot of the groom’s vintage wing-tipped shoes at the reception!

how dreamy is the light in these next two shots?!


 Congratulations Michael & Veronica & a special thank you to the super-talented Amber of Live it Out Photography for sharing this beautiful, vintage-inspired wedding in the mountains at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland!


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