If you haven’t seen the movie, Into the Wild, you really need to. While I don’t remember particularly loving the book in high school, the movie is awesome. It’s an emotional roller coaster, full of challenging life questions & discoveries, and has given me one of my most favorite quotes of all time:

Careers are demeaning twentieth century inventions, more a liability than an assett.

The movie also has an incredible soundtrack by Eddie Vedder. He wrote (and performed) original songs for the movie, one of which is called “Hard Sun” and gives us our song suggestion for today’s Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck blog post.

“When I walk beside her
I am the better man
when i look to leave her
I always stagger back again

Once I built an ivory tower
so I could worship from above
when I climb down to be set free
she took me in again”

The acoustic guitar strumming and powerful lyrics would be a beautiful, modern song to walk down the aisle to, have your first dance to, even for a father-daughter or mother-son dance at your wedding reception. Enjoy!


  1. Hard Sun is a great song but its a cover of a Gordon Peterson song. Eddie Vedder did not write it.

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