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That’s right! I have another fabulous wedding courtesy of Sweet Tea Photography to share with you this afternoon! Say hello to the gorgeous couple, Joanna & Justin!

Joanna & Justin tied the knot on March 27th, 2011 at the Vandiver Inn (a really cute bed and breakfast), located in Havre de Grace, MD. Their gorgeous wedding was captured perfectly by Lisa Marie of Sweet Tea Photography! You guys are going to LOVE this wedding and the pictures, which include some fantastic holga wedding photography! Enjoy.

Obsessed with the bridesmaids’ non-matching shoes, both style and color! So fun!

I love love love non-posing “formal” shots! So much more fun!

See above on comment re: non-posing “formals” <3

LOVING the vintage feel of this next Holga shot of the groom and his g-men!

Looks like someone is ready to get MARRIED!

You just have to click inside to see the rest of this awesome wedding … including more holga wedding photography and a delectable “cookie bar”!!

Joanna shares how her and Justin ended up together:

We met at a music festival several years ago, but were both dating other people at the time. One year later, at the same festival, we were with a group of mutual friends who got snowed in together due to a huge sudden blizzard. We started talking after that on the phone (he was in CA and I was in Maryland), and reading books “together.” We started dating- spent lots of money on plane tickets- and got engaged this past May!

Love the bride’s bright blue flats!!

Justin’s face as they enter the reception!! OMG I love it!!

The simple centerpieces, flowers on books, one of my favorites!

And now the “Cookie Bar” … what a fantastic wedding cake alternative!

Now it’s time to get funky…

The vintage feel of this next picture makes me want to jump for joy. Absolute adoration.

Congratulations Joanna & Justin!!!!

A very special thank you (as always) to Sweet Tea Photography for sharing these AWESOME wedding & holga pictures!

Be sure to check out these pictures set to some awesome tunes as well!!: http://vimeo.com/23047906


  1. Absolutely some of the most amazing wedding photography that I’ve seen! Wish we had Sweet Tea Photography in Minneapolis!!!!!

  2. Thank you for such a nice aricle and for the beautiful photographs. My son and daughter in law had a beautiful, amazing day!

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