It’s Friday … Friday … gotta get down on Friday …

(ok, I might be the only person left in the world that still secretly loves this song….)

Here is some fun & fabulous stuff to get you to the weekend:

1. Our veil giveaway ends TONIGHT at 5pm! – please share, like, comment, tweet, snarf, etc … (ok I made snarf up) with your friends, especially those brides to be!

2. Thanks to one of our readers (hi Cassie!!), I found this videographer’s website … and then I found this wedding video they shot on an iphone4. I kind of find the shakey/low quality super rad …. agree? (Vintage Wedding Video Shot Entirely on iPhone 4 from Monachetti on Vimeo)

3. I posted this on facebook, but in case you aren’t a fan yet (which .. what are you waiting for…the world to end?) … I cannot WAIT for this movie ….

4. Capitol Romance has some awesome Guest Bloggin’ coming up… you can see our first one here!

5. If you haven’t been to Lucketts Store in Leesburg, VA ~ you should go now! They are having their Spring Market this weekend. Want to see how awesome this place is? We had our engagement shoot here and had such a rad time (plus the pics came out stunning).

That’s it ! HAPPY WEEKEND FOLKS! Come back after 5pm to see who won the veil!



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