Emails from local vendors make me smile. Especially when they are as cool and TALENTED as one, Elizabeth St. John. Be on the lookout for WAY MORE from this lady here on Capitol Romance, but for today I just had to share a tote bag from her Element Bags collection.

Liz is a DC based fashion designer & currently produces 3 (THREE!) fashion lines & 1 accessory line. All her items are eco-friendly and are manufactured locally.

She had me at manufactured locally.

One item from her handbag line was just too delightful to keep to myself.

This “Limited Edition” Cherry Blossom Bag is beyond adorable. It would make a great bag to tote all your wedding paraphernalia around in (I, personally, used one of those expandable filing folders … not so cute). It could also be a great DC-themed wedding gift for your mom, your mother-in-law, or even your bridal party! AND (yes, there is more) 100% of proceeds from this bag go to benefit the International Red Cross Disaster Relief for Japan.

(As always, we’d love to hear from you if you bought this bag!)

Be sure to check out ALL her sites, and as I mentioned previously, we hope to be featuring a TON more from this amazing designer in the not-so-distant future. – Atelier Bridal & Eveningwear – Bridal Party & Flower Girls – Cocktail & Party Attire – Fashion Bags




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