Welcome back to the second half of our 2-Parter on Erin & Nick’s fabulous wedding from Meghan Lynn Photography! Before you feast your eyes upon our second round of pictures from this outrageously fun wedding, be sure to see Part 1 from yesterday if you haven’t already!

Yesterday, I mentioned how Part 1 had set the stage with the bright colors, beautiful glow, and abundant emotions. I also mentioned that Part 2 brought the FUN. Well then … are you ready for the fun?

Someone did a good job on their toast!

*Get down girl, go ‘head, get down*

Beautiful shots of the Mother-Son dance & Father-Daughter dance!

This cake is brought to you by Yia Yia’s Bakery

This looks like the Cupid Shuffle to me!

This groom can GROOVE! Get it boy!

These next two are some of my absolute favs … I just adore that you can see Nick & Erin both peaking at each other, just waiting for one or the other to smoosh that cake in the face!

And then … the aftermath!

Is it me? Or is “younger boy that can breakdance” a new common wedding trend? What makes this picture for me though are everyone’s reactions … especially you, “fist over mouth” guy.

Congratulations Erin & Nick – may you both have a fun & fabulous, long & happy life together!

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